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Kasich Stumps Trump in Ohio, But Bigoted Billionaire Ends Rubio with Florida Win


Kasich Stumps Trump in Ohio, But Bigoted Billionaire Ends Rubio with Florida Win

Jon Queally, staff writer

While Gov. John Kasich clinched a must-win primary victory in his home state of Ohio on Tuesday, Donald Trump trounced his remaining Republican rivals elsewhere by claiming victories in Illinois, North Carolina, and Florida.

Following his defeat to the billionaire reality show host in the winner-take-all Florida primary, Sen. Marc Rubio suspended his campaign, leaving only Kasich and Ted Cruz as the two candidates left standing against Trump.


Who cares about the Republicans? Why nothing about Sanders? Is Commondreams playing the same sort of ignoring and memory-holing of bad news that the corporate media does?


If by identity politics you mean Black voters going for Clinton, I wouldn't call that "identity politics" in the sense of a politics that highlights race in this case--even though Bill Clinton was called by some "the first Black president," perhaps because he embraced certain parts of Black cultures (I don't really understand how he got that title), and Hillary Clinton certainly does pander to Black elected officials and voters (while simultaneously very badly hurting particularly poor Black folks by supporting racist stereotypes (the "predators" and "need to be brought to heel" comments we know so well) that are deadly, not to mention the prison industrial complex and cutting welfare into little pieces. I'd say the lock I think you're talking about (you don't mean women, here, right? because younger women are not at all captured by Clinton) is complex, but includes a longstanding lack in the U.S. political system of tangibly doing anything substantial to directly positively address racism and the vast ongoing legacy of enslavement that remains now in a million forms, but with some most prominent features being the prison industrial complex and mass and permanent unemployment for Black people. A hell of a lot of organizing and education--especially between Black people and progressives of all colors--is yet to be done to build the kind of trust and unity necessary to overcome the pandering and patronage and false identity politics of a Clinton or an Obama or any other neoliberal.


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As I watch the utterly fatuous insanity that is present POTUS election circus, I give thanks that I live in a Constitutional Monarchy.


No matter what anybody says or thinks, as much as I dislike Donald Trump, both Kasich and Cruz are far more dangerous than Trump, because they both come off as moderates. With Trump, at least the public knows full well what they're dealing with.


A friend of mine emailed something he reeas that the u trumped Republicans are meeting to explore the possibility of a split off Neo- Republican Party to head off Trump. Who would be the rear runnerc