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Katrina Comparisons Mount for Trump as Puerto Rico Screams for Bolder Response

Katrina Comparisons Mount for Trump as Puerto Rico Screams for Bolder Response

Julia Conley, staff writer

As Puerto Ricans were stockpiling their few remaining resources on Wednesday, with some resorting to drinking water from streams according to news reports, President Donald Trump faced mounting criticism of his response—or lack thereof—to the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria's direct hit to the island territory last week.

The truth: to the US government and Deep State, Puerto Rico is just territory filled with useless eaters.

To borrow an idea from the late President John F Kennedy:
“Todos somos Puertorriqueños.”
“We are all Puerto Ricans.”


If Trump can get away with letting a couple million American citizens die of thirst he will certainly do so. His hatred of America and Americans is that extreme.

The pharmaceutical companies (80) of them that manufacture in Puerto Rico and have been tax exempt for years should chip in for the relief effort. They no doubt made billions of dollars.

Bristol Myers Squibb
Cardinal Health
Eli Lilly
GlaxoSmithKline (gsk)
Johnson & Johnson
Merck Sharp & Dohme
Procter & Gamble
Schering Plough
Warner Chilcott

Maybe if all of the Puerto Ricans stood up and sang the national anthem, Trump would take action.
DT has a perverted sense of what is important and what is not.


Wwwooo …u mean these drugs companies …are sucking the life out of PR…and will not even give that life back…wwwoooowwww no words…


Yeah, it is probably worse than you think and pharmaceutics are not the only ones. Through federal administration they get half the rate of medicaid spending for health care which is about gone right about now.


Hmmmmm. Maybe Cuba should send water, food and physicians and medical staff to PR to help. They’re closer in the middle of the ocean and as an added benefit, they speak Spanish. What should the fearless leader do?


…the Shock Doctrine in living color.


Apropos your citation, Democracy Now! and co-host Juan González with former New York State Assemblyman Nelson Denis, who wrote about the Jones Act in The New York Times this week in a piece headlined “The Law Strangling Puerto Rico.” His book is called “War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony.”

Section 27 of the Merchant Marine Act of 1920 was initially promulgated to protect the United States from German U-2 boats in 1920.

edit: NACLA still runs an exhaustive bibliography to their article Puerto Rico’s Pharmaceutical Fix -


I think they are getting aid from Cuba and evidently there are substantial contributions. The military is clearing roads too. It is the rural areas that are isolated that are really having troubles. I think they are talking about their systemic problems that cannot be addressed by foreign aid long term.

Fearless leader needs to have someone take away his ability to tweet until he can act like an adult A therapeutic intervention for his lies might be good too?

According to Cruz, the mayor of San Juan, the crisis is not confined to rural areas…it is widespread and growing exponentially. She added that even though there are 10,000 FEMA “experts” in PR, they have yet to receive word to proceed nor directions about how to proceed. Not surprising as there is a paucity of competent leadership at the top. U S Rep Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX - Houston) has called for the naming of an emergency czar to lead the operation IMMEDIATELY …either by the despot or by Congress. There are 185,000 severely damaged homes in her district whose owners have yet to even get an appointment with FEMA in order to begin their rebuilding. Meanwhile, FEMA sold thousands of trailers for pennies on the dollar at auction three days before Irma struck. No brains, no leadership, no organization, no policy…just BS, rancid rhetoric, and tweet tantrums.

DJT does not even know where PR is on a map, to be sure. Nor does he know anything about its history and relationship with the US. And it is obvious that he does not give a damn. As for the US Virgin Islands…afterthoughts and off the radar. All occupied by brown-skinned people who are descendants of Black slaves and thus disposable…in his sick, bigoted, racist empty head and heartless body.


Also they are much, much better at relief work and medical care!

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I think we are talking about the same thing a bad example of emergency preparedness. By systemic, I mean those things that support the country that are not classified as an immediate need. They are finally sending the “comfort” medical support ship to address some of the health needs but that won’t solve the larger problems. FEMA is corrupt.

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Exactly what Naomi predicted!


Thanks theoldgoat, I can’t wait to get into this.

Not so much hatred as indifference. ‘They’ can do nothing for ‘me’ so ‘why should I care’.

What else can one expect from a political ideology whose very aim is to create a non-functioning federal government.

GWB virtually dismantled FEMA during his first team in office…laying off more than 25,000 employees and closing hundreds of offices in every state in the US thus destroying an effective network of emergency response teams that immediately stepped in for floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, wildfires, and other natural and man-made disasters. He, Cheney, and the entire cadre of crooks then created the bloated, overstaffed with spooks Dept of Homeland Security that would, on paper at least, take up the slack. And this is the end result: victims of Katrina still not compensated with myriad small businesses gone, entire neighborhoods with dead bodies remain untouched but the hotels and Bourbon Street (and wealthy neighborhoods in New Orleans) are better than ever as are the bigger, shinier casinos and resorts built with FEMA money in Mississippi and Alabama. Florida, the Keys, and Houston may never recover…excepting the oil refineries, chemical plants, wealthy neighborhoods in Houston, and hotels/resorts, wealthy neighborhoods in FL. And as for PR and the US Virgin Islands, they will be ripe for picking by folks that will help in the short term but not so much for the long haul and only if they can make a hefty profit.

Go figure.

I think you are right about this, everyone hates Trump but the GWB administration laid all the ground work. It takes a Hurricane to lift the valence of corruption and how it all fits together. They are doing the same thing here it is just that there are deeper pockets to pick.

Check this out I think it has some good ideas:

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