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Katrina's Message on America's Poor Still Unheard


Katrina's Message on America's Poor Still Unheard

There was a very fleeting moment in the aftermath of the Katrina debacle, August 29, 2005, that the message that there are a lot of poor in New Orleans and America who are routinely ignored, neglected, and reviled had gotten through. In that very fleeting moment there was a torrent of new studies and reports that flowed out on poverty in America, especially black poverty. Legions of state and local officials made flowery references to the plight of the poor. This was all accompanied by candid media shots of and even interviews with families trapped in dire poverty.


"That fleeting moment when the plight of the poor grabbed the national spotlight was just that, very fleeting."

Ain't it the truth! In case you have forgotten (or never knew):


Of course your points are morally sound and well-taken, Mr. Hutchinson. The truth is that due to deregulation of the banking industry and the laxity with which packaged UNPAID mortgage loans were so deceptively sold all over the world, with BETS on these loans also defined as a measure of wealth (or collateral that could be traded on Wall St.) .. and now with all this fraudulent "wealth" imploding, the poor will be joined by countless others in "their ranks."

On the plus side, those who have learned to live on and with little have better odds of survival. Many pampered persons who have never worked an honest day in their lives or gotten their hands dirty by cleaning, fixing, gardening, growing, etc. are in for a shock... the final reverberation of The Shock Doctrine.

When the economy rocks and rolls, those at the controls are not going to show generosity. Most will be too consumed by covering their tracks... or their own asses.


"During those years, state and federal cutbacks in job training and skills programs, the brutal competition for low and semi skilled service and retail jobs from immigrants . . ."

Are you implying that there is a problem with immigration?

No, we can keep growing forever and save the environment and lift people out of poverty too; we have always done that.

I'm moving to America because everyone there has a good job, an SUV and a ten room house in the suburbs.

The Washington consensus and popular opinion confirm that if you are poor in America, you did not work hard enough. Here it comes again.


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The destruction of New Orleans was just one more opportunity for the Neo Libs to apply the shock doctrine and reconstruct a city accordingly - privatize everything you can and get rid of the poor. In addition, it was an opportunity to reduce the Democratic voting advantage in the city.