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Kavanaugh Backer Presents Bonkers Theory: Christine Ford Was Assaulted by Judge’s Doppelgänger

Kavanaugh Backer Presents Bonkers Theory: Christine Ford Was Assaulted by Judge’s Doppelgänger

Margaret Hartmann

The sexual assault allegation against Brett Kavanaugh has put Republicans in quite the jam.

I believe Dr. Blasey Ford, as a 15-year-old, survived a terrifying assault, and was then—and is now—clear as to who her assailant was. Her courage in coming forward, knowing the forces of reaction she would have to face, is inspiring. Let the FBI investigate her charges; let witnesses for and against be heard; and while the process is unfolding, let the FBI be responsible for her safety and that of her family.

With that said, there is already—despite the vast bulk of his record still being held secret on a dubious claim of “executive privilege”—sufficient evidence available, in the form of emails and transcripts of hearings, to reveal Kavanaugh as a serial perjurer and, therefore, unfit for both the post he’s been nominated for and for the post he now holds. In a nation of laws, his nomination would be withdrawn and he would be impeached and removed from the bench.

But the Democrats, instead of pounding this issue in the media, seem happy to wait for Dr. Blasey Ford’s accusation to do their “opposition party” job for them—not exactly a profile in courage, unlike the good Doctor.


How did someone as stupid as Whelan ever get through law school; in terms of a very expensive libel suit he is as lawyers say “exposed” big time. Maybe he is smart but just as arrogant as Trump thinking he can get away with anything. Anyway I hope the “doppelganger” sues him all the way to insolvency.

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Maybe he was a legacy admission—affirmative action for rich white boys—like Bush the Lesser at Yale.


Next up: Kavanaugh didn’t really lie about receiving stolen documents about past judiciary confirmations. It was actually Dick Durbin throwing his voice.

Except no one will have to use this theory because the media is completely ignoring the perjury story. Well, not quite ignoring. In an interview Wednesday on NPR, someone started to bring up the perjury, and the interviewer interrupted her and refused to let her talk.

What the heck is going on here? It seems journalists have actually been told not to allow the perjury story to get into the news!


Kavanaugh has made much of him and his family being part of “a vibrant Catholic community” and has spoken glowingly of a “Father John.” Okay, maybe he does believe. In which case, I would like to ask him if he confessed his attempted rape to a priest? Any priest, even a bad one, would tell 17 year old Brett that such a violation of another person is a mortal sin. Even if he never confessed that sin 30 years ago, he still,has the opportunity now to confess and be forgiven. Believing Catholics, and I grew up as one, would remember the adage beloved by the founder of the Jesuists, Ignatius Loyola, who asked Catholics, “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and suffer the loss of his immortal soul?”

As you can perhaps guess, I loved the Catholic Church In my youth and was very influenced by meeting Father Dan Berrigan in the 70s and reading Thomas Merton and Simone Weil. I still have hope that the old institution, despite all its own crimes, could provide the judge with the strength to publicly admit his crime.

Right, what the heck is going on? One party-not of the people.

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It doesn’t look like it; he appears to believe his lies even though he squirms when he says them. About that confession thing: apparently, even as a kid in the first grade I didn’t buy into the tell the priest my sins. I didn’t think it was his business. Defying authority at such a young age…

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I wonder if the new potential attempted rapist will sue Whelan for slander and libel?