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'Kavanaugh Committed Perjury': New Documents Appear to Show Trump Supreme Court Pick Lied Under Oath Multiple Times


'Kavanaugh Committed Perjury': New Documents Appear to Show Trump Supreme Court Pick Lied Under Oath Multiple Times

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"How much perjury is too much perjury from a Supreme Court nominee?"


Finally, an article on the substance of what is happening. Judiciary Democrats are doing a great job highlighting Kavanaugh’s deficiencies as a nominee, stuff that notably would not be happening if they walked out of the hearings like all easily triggered “progressives” were screaming for just a day ago.


No surprise seeing how Kavanaugh comes so highly recommended by the GOP organized crime syndicate that prides itself on daily deceit.

This is the same GOP that impeached Bill Clinton for a single act of perjury yet has never even hinted at bringing charges against Trump who commits perjury at least once each day.


Any information about the statute of limitations on such activities? Orange (jumpsuit) is the New Black (judicial robe), don’t you know. I would love to see this excrement behind bars.


I have always agreed with Trump on keeping Guantanamo open so Trump and his ilk can be housed there after they are brought to justice.


Tragically, we can’t underestimate our “esteemed” colleagues. Their fair-haired boy Jeffie became AG, even though he committed perjury during his confirmation hearings.


This alone should disqualify Kavanaugh. What else are he and repubs hiding?


And before months end Kavanaugh will become the next SCOTUS justice.
The GOP will not be shamed into changing their minds. Kavanaugh is the lynchpin in the republican two year plan to establish the fascist state their Kochs have planned for all these years.
I hope I’m proven wrong. But I doubt it.


Wow, “Liar. Liar, Pants on Fire!” Oh…Mr. Kavanaugh…SAD!

Oh, maybe some fire marshals would sit behind him, and he should probably stand for the remainder of this Senate inquiry. We wouldn’t want the Senate building to catch fire!
Oh wait… do you smell something…? Is that SULPHUR? : 0


If people got what they deserved Washington DC would become a penal colony, with 99% of the politicians there an inmate.


Its like Illinois Senator Dick Durbin said back in 2004: “They (corporations) own the place (DC)”.

Its gotten far worse during the subsequent 14 years.


Sounds correct to me. Taking over the Supreme Court has to be central to the plans of the Koch brothers and Trump/Bannon/Miller. You cannot exaggerate how serious this is.


This is a case of you scratch my back and I will scratch yours.

Kavanaugh and the other GOP SCOTUS guns make the POTUS immune from prosecution for anything, for life, then POTUS pardons Kavanaugh for all of his crimes.


Isn’t perjury and lying to Congress a felony? Shouldn’t Kavanaugh go to jail for this?

Oh, I forgot – there’s a two-tier justice system in the USA: a despicably lenient one for the rich & connected 1% and a viciously punitive one for the 99% rest of us.

Oh, the bitter irony of having such Extreme Court Justices (and Senators and Presidents and NSA and CIA Directors – ad nauseam) ruling unjustly and harmfully over all of us common people!



For a moment there, I thought this might be a credible mediabiasfactcheck[dot]com/common-dreams/
Can’t be much more biased than far-left.


Oh look! We have new troll!

Have a seat. Maybe you’ll learn something.


So, if Kavanaugh did in fact commit perjury, does this mean he can be stripped of his judgeship???
What kind of prosecution in what court?
A DoJ kind of thing?
In light of K Harris’s questioning and C Booker’s outrage about committee confidential docs, and Leahy’s long memory about being hacked/leaked, all of their behavior makes total sense.
I was able to actually listen to some of the hearings today and yesterday… And no, I do not think that these two junior-ish senators were grandstanding.


McConnell and Senate repubs are throwing House repubs under the bus by trying to push through the Kavanaugh SCOTUS nomination. They are willing to sacrifice the House to get K through. The odds are long that Dems can stop them, but they are getting better day by day with what is being revealed in the hearings, but more importantly, what is revealed in the Kavanaugh emails that repubs are trying to keep from the public.


Kavanaugh is the Koch’s golden boy. He could commit murder on the senate floor and over half of them would still vote him in.