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Kavanaugh Misrepresented His Own Opinions to Senate Judiciary Committee


Kavanaugh Misrepresented His Own Opinions to Senate Judiciary Committee

Elliot Mincberg

After the release of previously confidential documents relating to Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s record working for the Bush Administration, People For the American Way filed a complaintas did others - that Kavanaugh misrepresented his record in testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee.


Wasn’t much different when I listened on the radio to the blow by blow during the Thomas, Alito and Gorsuch testimony over the years.

The biggest difference between them and Kavanaugh is the plethora of evidence that Kavanaugh will never vote in favor of requiring the POTUS to be held to ANY level of accountability or subject to prosecution for ANY crime.


Kavanaugh is the perfect tool for the Senate and House to use, not to mention the executive.
*He’s amoral, will lie with a straight face about anything which will perhaps advance him or those he works for. To him, the president is god on earth and can do anything he desires, no matter how illegal or unconstitutional. He has no belief in human rights, women’s rights to their own body and health, is a racist, sexist, and hates Islam, and any other belief except whatever it is he follows.
*"Democrats and Republicans will both love him, as he will see that nothing that cuts into their profits, or protects We the People will ever pass the “Supreme” test.
*Hitler is reputed to have said, “To truly control a country, you must first control its courts. Then, whatever you do is legal, whatever the opposition does is illegal.”
*It worked pretty well for Hitler and Co. Now, I guess the PTB will give it a chance to work here, unless We the People can pull a miracle out of the hat.


One sexual assaulter of women on the Supreme Court is too many.

To allow another a lifetime appointment is criminal and the worse kind of assault to Womens Rights.

Women, call every politician you know and tell them there will be retribution to pay for their votes to support another amoral judge who lies.


Well of course he did. What did you expect, the truth?


In a country where a nominee for AG commits perjury and nevertheless gets confirmed, it doesn’t matter whether Kavanaugh the KKKreep misrepresented.


“…[yet] another immoral judge…”


My reading is that Kavanaugh was chosen from a list of 25 submitted to The Don by the Federalist Society.
If not him, then another flag-pinned fascist. Too bad the Democrats are never this well-prepared.


Same ole song and dance.


The behaviors and legal thinking of this candidate - just look at who nominated him and the likely reasons for the nomination! - are very much at odds with legal precedent and the Constitution and he should never be confirmed by any sane Congress with any respect for the law and our founding documents.

Reading his claimed positions is frightening, as he gives the president powers that office was never meant to possess - and shouldn’t - especially under this mental-case idiot and power-mad prez!


Since the candidate swore and denies the allegations of sexual assault brought by the very brave accuser, Christine Blasey Ford - who said it "was her duty as a citizen to tell the story” - no one would open themselves to the circus if not truthful and motivated by honesty.

This is not a usual case of he said, she said, this is about a lifetime appointment - 50 years of rulings by a person devoid of personal, judicial, national and environmental honesty!

“I categorically and unequivocally deny this allegation, I did not do this back in high school or at any time.”

The two accounts are at odds - someone is lying - and if the nominee is, he is entirely unfit for this and many other conflicts of truth, not to mention his extremist views on presidential, corporate, capitalist power to dominate our nation and people - all of which disqualify him from any further consideration…IF R’Cons think they can ram this thru they will be met with a firestorm of opposition from a wide rage of people including many that once thought of themselves as “Republicons”!

“You break, it you bought it”, and the electorate will smash party and politicians that support this aberration and obvious tool, trump is trying to foist on the nation for the next 50 freakin years!!

The media is also in the spotlight and crosshairs, and if they do not do their jobs and fully and truthfully inform the people and treat this brave woman gently and fairly, they will also feel the wrath of the public!



There’s always that pesky little Second Amendment Remedy, proffered by a Republican senatorial candidate, back in the day.