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Kavanaugh Would Advance DeVos’s Religious Agenda for Schools


Kavanaugh Would Advance DeVos’s Religious Agenda for Schools

Jeff Bryant

Immediately after Betsy DeVos took over as U.S.


No doubt, that Dear Betsy thinks that her brother, Erik Prince sits at the right hand of Dog. Kavanaugh seems like a Kool Aid boy if ever there were one. Hey you imbeciles out there in Regressionlandia, it is The Enlightenment that a true conservative would conserve, not the burn-the-witch puritanical God-shitism. Read some books for Dog’s sake–and not that one that makes no sense and has to be perpetually “studied” (to reinforce the induced cognitive dissonance).


I am sure down deep inside Kavanaugh is a well disciplined psychopath just waiting to break out and destroy our hopes and dreams…for the fun of it. It is a new world my friends. A new sick and dark world…


The candidate is a reflection of the nominator and his MO…Kavanaugh is trumps pick because the views/beliefs Kavanaugh built/espoused/served over a lifetime, are trumps views!..he is a (not so) stealth candidate that will burden America for the next 40+ years as trump intends - he is a reflection of trumps mental illness and service to vulture capitalism!. Everything that is depraved, slanted toward profits above people, corporate exploitation domination, “privatization” (read: theft) of government everything and the people’s representation limited, environmental destruction, exploitation, eliminating critical protections for everything, and giving the OK for corporate pollution regardless the consequences…all that and much more at the expense of all else…our nation and people the victims!


Most of the problems in our world are created by people that believe they know what god wants and needs based on the interpretation of old books .

Have we noticed that…

Truth is ,life/God wants and needs nothing.

Using old books as your guiding framework is like a surgeon in a 21st century operating theatre using 1st century tools ,it ain’t going to work.


'Separation of Church and State." I guess that could be interpreted in another way…i.e. separating the taxpayers from their state money;

I am looking forward to the People’s Pagan Church ( does one exist yet? _and its Pagan textbooks-----all science all the time, or maybe WE the Pagans… this is going to be a really Big church movement—because like Stonehenge, they meet outside!

Or maybe. they’ll meet underground in caves like the early Roman soldiers … or maybe all men churches and all women ones too, I’ m really excited to see if climate change will bring back the SUN of god. : )