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Kavanaugh's Accuser Comes Forward, Speaks Out: ‘I Thought He Might Inadvertently Kill Me’


Kavanaugh's Accuser Comes Forward, Speaks Out: ‘I Thought He Might Inadvertently Kill Me’

Common Dreams staff


Christine Blasey Ford, a 51-year-old professor at Palo Alto University in California, has identified herself as the woman who wrote a confidential letter that detailed allegations of sexual assault against the Supreme Court nominee.


The “family values” crowd will circle the wagons (and get away with it, yet again) around Kavanaugh, or it’ll be dismissed as youthful folly.
And it will be considered demeaning or insulting for a judge to take a polygraph test.


Note that Susan Collins has still not said that she will vote against Kavanaugh.

She is waiting for Democratic turncoats to announce their support for Kavanaugh, thus guaranteeing the confirmation so she can then announce “after careful consideration concluding against confirmation” therby preserving her carefully maintained illusion of being the “Moderate Senator from Maine” after she knows her vote will no longer make a difference.

If she truly held women’s rights and citizen’s rights above her own private greed, she would have already come out against the Kavanaugh nomination, thereby saving our nation and making it more difficult for the Democratic scumbags. But that is not going to happen as long as she has a chance of getting Kavanaugh confirmed through the back door.

She cheerfully voted for Gorsuch and was the primary cheerleader for Sessions.

Why won’t our fellow Mainers wake up and send this woman packing?


Well, at least Clarence Thomas will have some company in the sexual assault club of SCOTUS.


This anti-abortionist male is proof positive that his ilk use “pro-life” claims to hide their intentions to dominate women. Period.


Our capitalist society rewards aggressive, predatory behavior, especially in men. The type of man who rises to the top in his field (particularly in an authoritarian, compliance-enforcing / punishment-dispensing field such as our “justice” system) has likely done so by repeatedly and callously inflicting harm upon others. This type of unscrupulous individual gets what he wants by taking it and is lauded for doing so. It should come as no surprise that a large percentage of men in positions of power are rapists or abusers, even if they’ve managed to collect letters from women they haven’t raped as evidence of what swell guys they are.


trump’s next tweet…" Kavanaugh, just my kind of guy".


Two douchebags in one picture.


Aren’t we on the left supposed to be opposed to polygraph tests? They are notoriously unreliable - regarded as practically a form of quackery by many scientists, and in the US, are frequently used by employers to intimidate employees - I once was made to take a lie detector test as part of the interview process for a minimum wage job in a store. I didn’t get the job. Sure I told the truth (even the “no” answer to the “have you ever smoked pot” - and this was the 1970s)

Allegations can be evaluated well enough without this polygraph nonsense.


Looks to me that the ball is definitely in Kavanaughs court.


Hello Commons Dreams Staff and Everyone, He just might as he is a sociopath/psychopath which gives him an advantage in “beating the polygraph”! That is the nature of the sociopath/psychopath!


Polygraph tests? They would do just as well with tarot cards.


Yunzer- Am not advocating the test, but raised it in reference to the story that apparently the accuser took (and passed) that test.


I find it incredible that with the real evidence Kavanaugh is still being considered, yet after a random person takes a polygraph test he is not.

This explains why people do not understand climate change and the science of habitat.

People don’t understand science.


Welll… a swimsuit. Maybe not such a good choice in attire if sex shall not be tolerated. Please don’t interpret this as an endorsement of K. Merely as a man remembering the mammalian monster within when he was young.


Oh so women who wear swimsuits need to be extra careful because this sends signals that it’s okay rape them.

Heterosexuality is a sick a perverted lifestyle.


To the contrary, the swimsuit was UNDER her clothes. I would think that a one-piece swimsuit would be far better protection than typical underwear in the event the rape that Mr. Kavanaugh had attempted had succeeded. Her choice of clothes may have been the only thing that saved her.

Once Kavanaugh is confirmed, look for one-piece swimsuits to be ruled unconstitutional as as they obviously interfere with men’s pursuit of happiness.


There’s this story about accusations of sexual abuse at best. Then there are the stories of this guy being a serial perjur. Kavanaugh does not deserve to be a federal judge let alone a Supreme Court Justice.


KavanNO! Not now. Not ever.


And that is the flaw in polygraphs.