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Kavanaugh's Confirmation Traumatized American Women, Study Shows—And May Have Made Them Less Safe


Kavanaugh's Confirmation Traumatized American Women, Study Shows—And May Have Made Them Less Safe

Julia Conley, staff writer
More than six months after Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed by the U.S. Senate, a new study shows how women and men were affected by revelations that the judge had been accused of sexual assault.


Kavanawww’s ascension, among other profoundly negative things, gave the clearly implicit message that you can assault women without consequence of any kind - not even to prevent you from joining the Supreme Court. That’s how clear the message.
Not to mention, his conduct during his job interview (aka nomination hearing) would have spelled no job offer to 99.9% of the average public…but Kavanawww (with help from his like-minded in Congress) prevailed nonetheless.



I have known several women in my life who were sexually assaulted.

One, was also beaten brutally. Her scars were physically visual.

The other’s abuse had scars that had healed, but the emotional damage that remained lasted for decades, and decades.

I could never question their honesty.

I could feel their pain.



Exactly the same for me, my friend. Violence affects everyone and those who care the most.

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I guess that I took that class when I was young.

Caring is easy for me.

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So how many women were traumatized by Keith Ellison, or Bill Clinton, or Justin Fairfax?

All this shows is that if you hype something enough, you will upset some people.

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" Kavanaugh’s Confirmation Traumatized American Women, Study Shows—And May Have Made Them Less Safe"

Well, they can thank Diane Feinstein for the gamble and loss. The original plan was, let’s find somebody with some kind of accusation and everybody will cave. Didn’t work out, as the hearings went on the story fell apart as there was not one witness to confirm the allegations. Ford’s “best friend” Leyland Keyser didn’t remember it either After the visit from a retired FBI agent who Ford helped pass polygraph she still didn’t remember but “clarified” that she actually believes Ford.

I bet DiFi hopes all this will be soon forgotten and people stop digging.

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Susan Collins needs to be turned into a nice comfortable domestic woman in 20/20.



WW Smith: Interesting how you pick ONLY DEMOCRATIC men to focus on (continuing Trump’s current exploitation of other people’s pain for POLITICAL GAIN) Too often Republican men seem INDIFFERNT or ACTIVELY HOSTILE to the concerns of women. You’ve certainly NOT been at all convincing here, that you give a damn.



Lydia, I don’t give a damn about political propaganda. By citing Democrat examples, I am pointing out that the original article cherry picked in the same manner - the only incident they address is Kavanaugh, even though Ellison and Fairfax are relatively contemporaneous.

The article is seeking to use people’s pain for political gain in the same manner you accuse Trump of. I am merely pointing out that there are no “clean hands” in this exercise. NEITHER party gives a damn about voters, except to the extent they can be induced to support their elites.

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Democrat accused, automatically guilty. Republican accused, automatically innocent. Amazing how easy it is to administer justice.

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Yes, women more so then men, but Kavanaugh’s Confirmation traumatized every sane human being who was paying attention, and definitely made everyone less safe!