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Kayaktivists Across the Country Paddle in Protest of Arctic Drilling


Kayaktivists Across the Country Paddle in Protest of Arctic Drilling

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Environmentalists furious with President Barack Obama's continued support for Arctic drilling on Saturday descended on the White House and paddled onto waterways across the United States united in a call to end this dangerous expansion of our fossil fuel energy system.


Props are due to The Backbone Campaign for “launching” kayaktivism in their resistance to the Glacier gravel pit on Vashon Island, training many locals in water-based direct action, and setting the stage for the SHell No actions that inspired these actions.

Every effort is worthwhile, and you never know ahead of time how resistance will develop.


Always inspiring to see good heart-ed well intention-ed people out there sharing important concerns.

And I agree, we are not stuck with just oil. It’s way past due to put greed aside and let ingenuity have it’s day for a whole rash of reasons. None better than preserving and sustaining this glorious planet and all of creation.


Good for the “kayactivists” for doing that. I wish them victory in their fight to right these wrongs here. Way to go, people!


I see REI kayaks in that picture… :tired_face:

Boycott Shell Products, yes, but also boycott REI and those people on REI Board Nomination and Governance Committee who helped to foist Sec. of the Interior Sally Jewell on us. It’s not enough to make a corporation a target, they not human. Boycotts have to penetrate the corporate shield and make those who profit from these corporations share the pain of the people. ** Particularly when they hide behind false pretenses to profit from what should be a wholesome business.

** Though REI is owned by its membership and the board ostensibly serves at the members’ pleasure, there is no path to board membership without the approval of the Board Nomination and Governance Committee.


Unfortunately, I see all sorts of racial-cultural divides in this gimmicky “kayactivism”. If the young-professional-outdoor-sport set wants to organize a critical mass of people, there are more effective ways of doing it. Same with most of the stuff Greenpeace does.