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'Keep Fossil Fuels in the Ground: A Declaration for the Health of Mother Earth'

'Keep Fossil Fuels in the Ground: A Declaration for the Health of Mother Earth'

Jon Queally, staff writer

Demanding their voices be heard, their rights respected and that fossils fuels be left in the ground to spare humanity and Mother Earth, Indigenous people from around the around the world made their latest mark on the ongoing climate negotiations in Paris on Sunday by crossing the Bassin de la Villette in the heart of the French city, assembled in a flotilla of traditional boats, kayaks, and canoes.

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So much beauty in the world.

At what point do majorities inside the Empire not just reject the false leadership of the predatory / propaganda class, but simultaneously turn to the humility, honesty, wisdom and leadership of those whose fundamental “strategic priorities” revolve around honoring all life and all peoples?

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It is just too damn bad that the indigenous people of the world, do not have plenary powers to administer and be heard. In the U.S.A. they were here for at least 10,000 years and left a pristine environment until the Europeans came to America and exploited the Native Americans and stole their Native lands through deception.


Outside Ms Shiva and a handful of others that have articles on Common Dreams , I have rarely been 100 percent behind a persons/groups platform like I am here.

These people speak the obvious truth to all of the Centuries of lies that the European model of resource extraction has presented us as a way to a better future.

There is no future in business as usual.

When the Europeans colonized these lands both here in Canada and in the USA those in power determined that the First Nations peoples cultures must be extinguished and the people to become assimilated into the dominant “white culture” under the adage of “kill the Indian save the man”. That needs a rethink. The Earth would be a lot better off had those Colonists assimilated into the First Nations peoples culture , perhaps under the adage of “kill the capitalists save the Earth”


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Really? I think you are referring to those people dressed in plastic, in plastic boats, who flew to the protest site in jets, right? What is so sensitive to the environment to kill some stupid bird because it’s feathers are blue, so they can be worn to signify something that not only is not true today but was never true before?

True –

but we have to go even a step further and ban all exploitation of animal-life –

and animal-eating.

The world will be an even more beautiful place when we stop exploiting animals as “meat.”

This cruelty to animal-life is where humans have gone “off the tracks.”

Can you also recognize that all the pavement in the world chops habitat into tiny bits, destroying ecosystems and driving species to extinction? And then humans slaughter tens of millions of animals every year with automobiles in motion, with hardly a second thought, not even to eat them, but just because they “happen” to be in the way? Gosh, how did that “happen”?

And that we need to stop driving cars and stop using the vast majority of the pavement? “Oh, but that is so unrealistic!” And that’s only one of many such “unrealistic” truths. So, omnicide continues to accelerate.


I’ve always recognized it – and “borders” are very important to keeping humans apart –
as Native Americans spoke about it – “lines being drawn over the earth.”
There is no let up in watching deer fall by the side of the road – usually very young.
It’s rare even now in suburbs to see deer grazing naturally –
We have an 80 acre park in our town – some of it ripped up at times for one project or
another and you can see maybe half a dozen deer (adults and sometimes young) kind
of scavenging in those areas – with highways surrounding them.

We happened to have been further South a week or two ago – near land which once
held businesses – AT&T? and then Lucent – can’t think of the name of the previous one.
They’re gone evidently? Presumably more jobs moved overseas?
Don’t know if someone is going to move in – but at the moment seems vacant.
Lots of acreage. We drove in out of curiosity. Off to a distant side of the property, there
was actually a field occupied by maybe two dozen or more deer. Seems to have been
maintained for that purpose.
This is kind of the Holmdel area if you are familiar with NJ – and they still have some ways
despite highways to connect to open fields. Most of the fields are fenced now.
But this particular situation/field is a rarity.

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