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"Keep It, It's Yours." Postal Workers' Message to Public Denounces Trump Privatization Plan


"Keep It, It's Yours." Postal Workers' Message to Public Denounces Trump Privatization Plan

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

U.S. Postal Service workers will hold a day of action Monday to reject a Trump White House proposal to privatize the service.

"Our message to the public is quite simple. 'The United States Postal Service—Keep it. It's yours!'" said Mark Dimondstein, president of the American Postal Workers Union (APWU), in a statement. "Don't sell this national treasure to private interests that will charge more for less service."



The USPS has the only fully funded pension plan in the world. The forward funding has kept the USPS in the red for a decade. This was always the plan so the ‘privatizers’ would have no pension liability and it is not only the Trump morons behind this … it stated with a scammer from Chicago.



But is that not the goal of those who want to sell off the Post Office? They want a death spiral. That is, after they extract billions in assets and profit-taking.

Guess what would be first to go? The requirement that the Post Office fund retirement benefits 75 years in advance. That provision was only put in place to try to make the Post Office appear unprofitable.



Their greed knows no bounds. They will steal the US Postal Service (which is NOT funded by tax dollars) from the citizenry, break the union contracts and loot the service all the while perpetuating the BIG LIE that the Postal Service is “in the red” and needs reforming. This was the plan for years, pushed by the Republican Party. And they created the MYTH that the Postal Service is in the red by forcing the USPS to PRE-FUND 75 YEARS of pension liabilities within a ten year period.



We all ought to ensure that the Postal Service remains truly essential for decades to come. Doing so requires visionary leadership about the role the postal system plays in the collective life of the country and in finding new ways of fulfilling the long-standing mission of the Postal Service to “bind the nation together.”

“requires visionary leadership”, which means it ain’t gonna fuckin’ happen under the current administration, which completely lacks anything “Visionary” or any concept of “Leadership”.



Why are they using the slogan “Keep it; It’s Yours!” Why not say “DO NOT PRIVATIZE THE US POSTAL SERVICE” ? That seems to be more to the point. Telling someone “keep it; it’s yours” makes it sound worthless, as in “Eh, you can keep it!”



Even after Congress changed its name from the US Post Office to the US Postal Service (USPS) in 1971 (theretofore requiring it remain solvent with no taxpayer funds) Congress continued to keep USPS under its thumb by micromanaging things like site acquisition and keeping small post offices open that should have been closed. I witnessed this first hand when the engineering firm that I was employed by worked on USPS projects during the 90s.
Requiring USPS to fund pensions 75 years out (something no other organization the world over, public or private has ever done) was just one of the many examples of damage inflicted on USPS by the best Congress money can buy.



This is the Trump “Task Force” report for privatizing the USPS. It was headed by Steven Mnuchin, the venal avaricious banker who threw thousands of Americans out onto the streets in the 08-09 financial crash. He is also the one imposing the sanctions on Venezuela. Mnuchin is an enemy of the People.



The US Postal Service is not funded by tax dollars. It remains the only government agency not funded by tax dollars.

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Yes, and prior to cutting off taxpayer money in 1971 Congress abolished Postal Banking in 1967, thereby removing one of USPS’ revenue sources and eliminating the only banking system serving low income people without fleecing them. Abolishing Postal Banking launched the payday lending industry to exploit those who had previously relied on Postal Banking.



My understanding is that under US Corporate law as per recent Supreme Court rulings , a Corporation that enters bankruptcy can discharge itself from any debts accrued due to employee pension plans. What is going to happen is any investor that takes over the US Postal service will in effect OWN that pension pool. They will be able to loot it recouping more than enough to pay for their investment at the expense of the employees that worked there.

This is not privatizing to increase efficiency. Like all privatization schemes under the banner of Capitalism this is about THEFT. The 1 percent are all thieves. They steal what was once the commons and call it their own and they externalize all costs so the very environment we rely on for life is destroyed.



Why try to fix what is not broken.



As a former Royal Mail postal worker, I witnessed the death by a thousand cuts and then the eventual privatization of a public service which was created not to make returns for itself but to assist other businesses to make the profits.



Hey, why not. It’s worked so well for health care!



the government in Denmark did the same to their wonderful postal service. It is now divided between three different systems and people are confused about the services which do not seem consistent.



First they came for new neutrality-----then they came for the post office…but LOL, if there is no internet for the People, and no reasonably priced Post Office-----
then how can politicians sell their wares with no online and no out -go?

Oh wait— Let’s leave Net Neutrality and the Post Office in tact----BUT Let’s make the military PREPAY the next 75 years of their wars. That seems reasonable—looking at all the other government stupidity! : )

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‘The United States Postal Service—Keep it. It’s yours!’" said Mark Dimondstein, president of the American Postal Workers Union (APWU), in a statement.
Mr. Dimondstein that statement would be better if it was specifically addressed to the public and read “The United States Postal Service belong to the public, we need to keep it public to continue to serve the public”.
Or at least “Let’s keep the USPS public to serve the public.” (Not the money grubbers)



donnie is having strokes. the sooner the big one hits the better. stroke out donnie, stroke out. better yet do it on tv so i can watch, over and over.



What can we do? My mail guy probably has a love/hate relationship with my mail and packages, as I do most days. I love the postal service. As a kid, I played behind the post office and used thrown out mail to play “office.” The people there put up with our nonsense. I have the utmost respect for theses tireless workers. We all could exercise our writing talents and send first class mail more often. Or mail a package from your friendly postal service. They have stuff you can buy if you like to shop. They love hearing how valued they are in the community. You cannot fix something that is not broken.



500 years of public ownership (started by Henry VIII) sold off to sharks and now we all suffer considering the cost of stamps and parcels these days and closures of Post Offices, and the Lib Dems helped get its privatisation through parliament, bastards! It shows this age is worse, more pro-privatisation, than any age previously.