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'Keep Making Noise': Grassroots Pressure Working as Democrats Announce Bill to Restore Net Neutrality

'Keep Making Noise': Grassroots Pressure Working as Democrats Announce Bill to Restore Net Neutrality

Jake Johnson, staff writer

After sustained grassroots activism made net neutrality a key component of the Democratic Party's agenda in the new Congress, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) announced that Democrats plan to introduce legislation on Wednesday to restore the open internet protections repe

Considering how beneficial the internet has been to America’s intelligence community and the MIC in general, what we are watching could very well be a proxy war between telecom giants and certain actors in the surveillance state.
As much as big brother would love to censor and control all information on the internet, the last thing they want is for people to abandon the internet in favor of one of its many work in progress replacements, especially one that is not under America’s complete control.
The end of net neutrality could very well make that a reality, at least outside of America.


On a pseudo-related issue, I am perplexed by the (alleged–it has not happened to me) trend in pressuring job applicants, tourists, etc. to surrender their social media passwords. If one does not use Facebook nor Twitter, for instance, are they in violation of the Surveillance State (Oh, shit, let’s just use SS for the sake of brevity.)? Well, by Gawd here I am SS, a naked nonconformist. (Maybe I stand on my rooftop and wave semaphore flags to my fellow dinosaurs? Are my neighbors supposed to say something having seen something?) Damn, just think that only thirty years ago the big problem with the internet was having to listen to that infernal modem-dial-tone “music”.

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But we sure didn’t have the bandwidth for a couple of minutes of Zen:


I can certainly envision a day when censor and surveillance-free digital connectivity is forced underground in this country. And in the meantime, I am pressuring my city councilwoman to introduce a plan for my city to provide low-cost, high-speed broadband locally.

How wonderful. I’ve had some extraordinary relationships with non-humans but that brought tears to my eyes.

well worth 1000 hearts…much thanks

“Fight for the Future” sez:
“We need to push lawmakers extra hard to support the new legislation before the lobbyists get to 'em.”

Before the lobbyists get to 'em? The lobbyists aren’t the ones rolling the siege engines up to the castle walls — that would be us.
The lobbyists are dining in the big hall while Congress mans the ramparts.