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"Keep Showing Up": After Trump's Address, Sanders Urges Continued Resistance


"Keep Showing Up": After Trump's Address, Sanders Urges Continued Resistance

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) recorded a response to President Donald Trump's first address to Congress on Tuesday night, breaking down the speech's biggest takeaways—or lack thereof—and calling on viewers to keep up the resistance.


Thank you, Bernie. I went to my town hall and on very short notice was among over 1,000 people who showed up, and I live in a small town. We all share the same concerns and are supported in those concerns by our Congress member Jared Huffman, who is part of the Progressive Caucus. We're lucky in that and in being in California. Not that this state is perfect but we are resistant and won't acquiesce willingly.

Thank you, Common Dreams, for posting Bernie's message. Just for the record, Bernie won overwhelmingly in this county.


Nadia, I hope you're not connecting Sanders to "The Resistance". He doesn't mention resistance but a political revolution. Big difference.


Thank you CD for putting the truth via Bernie Sanders front and center.

To the lies now: If you look at the headline of that despicable CNN it is as if you fell down a rabbit hole to the land of surreal nightmares.

How CNN could spin this "speech" in a positive light replete with Van Jones saying: "The moment last night when Trump became President" is reprehensible. He is NOT my president, he is anything but presidential unless you are comporting "presidential" with being a fascist.

In the meantime, the markets are soaring and even "liberals" are happy about their 401k's expanding. At what cost?
I think we all know the answer to that.


Vancouver Trump hotel grand opening: One photo opportunity officials of the City of Vancouver and the province (state) of British Columbia wisely chose to miss. But protesters made up for it.


The bar is set so low for Trump that if he doesn't sound like the next Mussolini he receives some praise. But I am sure he will be back in Mussolini mode as soon as he is away from the formal setting of Congress and he can himself again. Resistance to this wanna-be dictator must be keep up or he could wind up living out his dictatorial dream of Making America Great Again, at least for right wing white people.


The only thing I learned from that speech last night is Trump actually can read. I guess that could be constued as a step in the right direction.


Curiously Bernie Sanders has received more coverage by CNN during the last week or two than during the whole 2016 campaign:
Bernie Sanders bursts into laughter over Trump’s claim ‘nobody knew healthcare could be so complicated’

Sanders: Not 'impressed' with DNC election process:

Bernie Sanders on the state of the DNC

Full interview with Sen. Bernie Sanders

Sanders rips Trump, jokes about 'fake news'

Are they on to something?


No, Bernie, the DNC and Democratic Party are not going to do anything you said. They will give your ideas lip service, because your ideas are what people want, and make phony attempts to deliver, barely missing every time. Wise up and get out. We need you in a new party, preferably the Green Party, though many are saying we don't need political parties anymore. Oh yeah? Explain how that will work. Like minded people will always form into groups, whether they are called parties or not. They have to in order to get anything done, so let's get over our revolutionary selves and get serious about overthrowing the corrupt system with a huge new majority party. The alternative, attempting to reinvent our whole governance system from scratch, is impractical and guaranteed to expire in confusion and chaos.


Yes, it's nice to know he can read.
The problem is that 10 minuets after reading his speech, he can't even remember what he said.


Check out the People's Party.


Why the hell did the DemoRATS pick that milquetoast, who is not even in office anymore,
Steve Boshear as the DemoRATic response to Trump???
this FOOL even had the NERVE to mention in seemingly positive terms
Ronald Reagan, who was largely responsible for the disaster we have today
(he started the ball rolling...)
Saint Ronnie Reagan...(to the facists, that is)...
NO, they wanted an image of Norman Rockwell America, I presume...show
"the heartland"...i suppose....
I think they would have had more success if they dug up Norman Rockwell, himself.
this FOOL gave the same cornball platitudes, the same cat vomit
that we hear year after year after year...for 50 damn years! (in my case..since puberty)...
I think it is getting close to ramming the Bastille, I really do.
I don't care, if I am in a wheelchair because of arthritis, I will wheel my
damn chair and help break down that Bastille door..
I have had it. These FOOLS are really pushing it..
they think they are so smart...which shows how dumb they really are.


I agree with you., however, my experience is that the Green Party needs to get its
own act together.
After Bernie capitulated...(I do forgive him as he is now showing some spine
when we need it the most)...
I switched to the Green Party...ok... I volunteered to help out...
I was asked to get signatures to get the Green Party on the New Jersey ballot.
two lousy weeks before the deadline to submit the signatures...
Two weeks before and you apparently STILL don't have it all sewed up in terms
of signatures??? that's # 1...
#2 I NEVER saw anyone, not anyone in my area or surrounding areas
canvassing for signatures..No one...I alone was going to get the signatures??/
No one contacted me in terms of stragegy...NOTHING.
# I contributed money...ok
unfortunately, ...my husband and I have financial concerns and we were struggling.
I contacted said Green Party to please stop taking out automatic monthly donations
by writing them through my email...no response from them.
lo and behold the day of deduction came, and the money was taken out!
(other organizations I email them/they respond immediately and donations stop)..
-- Green Party, no such luck...( this is the Washington DC headquarters office)
I called them: they had a tape message...
I left a message -- NO ONE CALLED ...not at all.
I called again. .they had a message they were at convention., this was AFTER
the convention had ended. Left message, again NO ONE CALLED.
Lo and behold, by this time, donation was taken out again.
I wrote snail mail..NOTHING., no response whatsoever,...
finally, I contacted a staff member of Flowers campaign..she tried to help and told me
they had NO CONNECTION with National Green Party...
make a long story short: I don't think they are organized at all...
maybe a new party, but I personally feel the Green Party is a joke - note that they received only 1% lousy percent
....not even the 5% they hoped for.


Interesting, that Bernie Sanders is no longer an establishment threat, all these garbage media outlets have him
on repeatedly...
I think it is an example of the Frankfurt School of Critical Theory: where your enemy allows you to discuss your
concerns but does so in a way that essentially renders you harmless.
thereby, destroying you.


Exactamundo Caroine, exactamundo....


I hope I am not obnoxious: but PLEASE CONTACT BERNIE SANDERS:
ask him to give it to hopefully a NEW PARTY.
I will hang up the damn phone (as people did when I phone banked for Bernie)
if they DARE to ask for my support...


actually Bernie he did not need to - all his monsters in the cabinet told us the answers before the speech and his dirty Attny General bigot fascist has already decided on voting rights - no - and police brutality - no. how much more do you need to see and hear????????


I looked forward to reading reactions to Trump's speech because what I heard amounted to nothing but routine jingoism, without a shred of substance. The Democrats' response has been predictable, also lacking substance.

The Democrats' and liberals' rallying call to "resist" also lacks both substance and meaning. Resist what, exactly, and how? By sending in our urgent donations to...what? Much work was done over the past 20 years to split apart the very people who would have united to push back, as they did during previous efforts to implement a fascist state, pitting us against each other by class and race. Democrats brought the war on the poor to fruition, and liberals spent the past 20 years ignoring the consequences. People don't want to discuss this, but progress isn't possible while ignoring reality.

"Keep showing up" means the same thing. Show up for what, and why? To say that we disagree with the fascist (by definition) agenda of the hard right? So? I rather doubt that they care. And few of us have the money or time to fly to this or that speech to merely say, "I disagree."

"Trumpism" was expected by a good many of us who have followed US politics at least since Reagan. As Democrats and liberals leaned further to the right, the warnings were sounded, only to be dismissed as irrelevant or "divisive." Now what? Who knows?


Sen. Sanders stopped being a threat before his campaign for president. You would need to know the history of Sen. Sanders who, for years, had pointed to US poverty as proof of the grave failures of our deregulated capitalism. He spoke out powerfully about US poverty and the need for legitimate poverty relief, etc. This doesn't sell in post-Clinton America, where our pragmatic Democrats and liberals appeal to donors and campaign contributors.

Modern history is complicated, but the bottom line is that we began the corporate takeover of the US in the 1980s. Protecting corporate power required dividing and conquering the "masses" who would have (as they did in the past) united to push back, splitting us apart us by class and race. This has defined the public discussion over the past 20 years.


They will only let us "like" your comment one time each. I'd like it a millions times if I could. Respect and appreciation for Mr. Sanders. He is the real deal.