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Keep the Good Book Closed, Trump Says. We Say, Open It and Resist!

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/05/keep-good-book-closed-trump-says-we-say-open-it-and-resist

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Gandhi from a comparative study of religions:

My hostess was a good and simple woman, but somewhat narrow-minded. We always discussed religious subjects.

I was then re- reading Arnold’s Light of Asia. Once we began to compare the life of Jesus with that of Buddha. ‘Look at Gautama’s compassion!’ said I. ‘It was not confined to mankind, it was extended to all living beings. Does not one’s heart overflow with love to think of the lamb joyously perched on his shoulders? ONE FAILS TO NOTICE THIS LOVE FOR ALL LIVING BEINGS IN THE LIFE OF JESUS.’ The comparison pained the good lady.

Gandhi was okay with Jesus, but not with his Christians.

Cardinal Dolan of New York is telling parishioners who to vote for? Someone please correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t this violate election laws? I know evangelical churches do this kind of persuasion all the time in sermons, but I’m not aware of the Catholic or any of the other large denominations doing this in writing and with a return address.

You can interpret these old book as good and bad ?¿
That’s the problem with the idea of a diety that is both malevolent and benevolent. It justifies the actions of the oppressors they get to be like their god of old.

Instead of challenging each other we must challenge the teachings that separate and divide us these may I say come from the old “good” book and many others from our various organised religions !
Transcend religion do what works…

It doesn’t have to be about religion, I agree. Because that divides people as is evidenced throughout history up to today. But there are fundamental right and wrongs that I believe most people can agree about like not hitting peaceful people with sticks or not gassing peaceful people whether in the streets or in gas chambers. We can agree that beating defenseless animals is wrong. As is molesting and beating children is wrong. Loving each other through our differences is right and is a worthy goal. I believe most people can agree on that principle. Honoring the first amendment that gives citizens the right to freely protest against tyranny is right. I certainly hope that we all agree that that is right. There is a basic sense among human beings (I hope, except among psychopaths) between what is right and what is wrong and we don’t need laws to tell us that pushing down our elders and walking past them as blood pours from their ears, well, that’s just wrong. I know some people blamed him for it, bless their stupid souls. The more I write the more I feel I talk myself into a corner and all is hopeless and we are indeed headed to hell in a hand basket.

" Christian churches which cover so much hypocrisy and humbug and shut the poorest out of them seem but a mockery of God".
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.

Sounds to me like Gandhi was talking about the Evangelical, churches that are Trumps base! Gandhi was prescient to say the least!

The only thing missing in Trump’s photo was his white hood.

If Sinclair Lewis was still alive he could write a sequel to his book: IT CAN’T HAPPEN HERE, ( written in the 1930’s about the rise of Hitler and Fascism in Nazi, Germany) called: IT HAS HAPPENED HERE! With the picture on the cover of Trump holding a Bible and wearing the American, flag.

Its the only thing that will initiate social change and that’s to start a conversation.
I see you ,I hear you , this ancient practice of conversing and listening to each other ,all humans intimately understand so keep on keep on my friend.