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'Keep Your Dogma Off My Healthcare!': Trump Empowers Nation's Doctors to Discriminate


'Keep Your Dogma Off My Healthcare!': Trump Empowers Nation's Doctors to Discriminate

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

"It shocks the conscience that our government would invite healthcare providers to discriminate against their patients, but this is exactly what HHS's new unit is designed to do."

protest at HHS


I need to do a bit more research on this (which I heard about from a Presbyterian pastor in Austin TX; he was raising the alarm, not approving), but it seems a direct inversion of the relevant laws.

The Web page for the Division itself features a photo of a young woman doctor wearing a headscarf. Yuck!


Oh, and doesn’t this violate the Executive Order about reducing regulations?


In Ohio Gov. Kasich and the Republicans have proscribed abortion for women who are carrying a fetus destined to be a child with Down’s syndrome. Chip, chip, chip.


Don’t we have freedom of religion in this country?


shame, shame,shame


So doctors in Ohio (and, I understand, Indiana and SDakota) are forced to discriminate based on someone else’s religious convictions? Crap.


What we don’t have—and desperately need—is freedom FROM religion. Washington DC is rapidly morphing into Peshawar-on-the-Potomac.


Yep, once they are born they are lovable and have a righto be loved. But a fetus is not a person, yet. When does it become a person? When it is born. Btw, I have friends and a relative who have had such a child and loved them. Why are there homes for DS?


That’s a good topic to discuss another time. Can we get back to this one?


That is not what freedom of religion means. No one had freedom in those countries. That is the whole point of authoritarian countries. Which went against everything Marx wrote about.
And the same is true about countries that use religion to control people, like Hitler did. And plenty of countries right now in the world. Those countries have little freedom for their people.
Which is why the founders wanted government out of the religious business and be secular. That way, religion gets to be free and those w/o it get to be free. Once religion gets into government, only that religion is tolerated, everyone else gets FUBARed. That was what was happening in europe, the religious wars against the minority religion and non-beleivers. And those religious wars prompted the founders to make sure that the government was not ruled by religion. And that is freedom of religion.


Actually, there was about one state-sanctioned religion in the USSR, but @Edward_A_Hara’s numbers are still irrelevant, especially to the topic at hand.


It may as well be. It cannot yet hear, see, breathe, does not have a personality, may not yet have a name. The stupid college kid that you allege to know about does not make the case.


I am a sustaining member. You and truthout and information clearinghouse.


Absolutely perfect.? Are you aware of the fact that persons with Down’s syndrome have profound learning disability, cannot be self-sustaining, will never learn to read or write and are sterile. Also, about 25 per cent of pregnancies end in spontaneous abortion. Some appear as a late menstrual periods.


While you’re still off topic (and I hesitate to respond for that reason), you’re also ill informed about people with Down’s. There is a very wide spectrum of learning disability, ranging from slight to profound. Watch the A&E and Emmy-winning series “Made This Way” to see how Down’s folk can indeed be self-sustaining and can read and write better than people I’ve met in these discussions. Adults with Down’s may have every reason anyone else has to be sexually active, and women with Down’s can conceive. There’s apparently one documented case of a man with Down’s fathering a child without disability.

But please, now, back on topic?


You really don’t get it, do you. You are so far off target. There is a huge difference between government and the public sphere. You obviously don’t understand the difference.
For one, I don’t see religious people having much moral values. Congress is filled with the religious and they have no morals. If they actually had morals, the world would be a better place. But they don’t. Oh they spout off wonderful stuff, but then ignore it when dealing with the world. So can the bullshit about the religious having better morals. I grew with them spouting off and then screwing everyone they could. I learn some of the best hate from the religious.
And no, hitler didn’t kill the christians, he killed jews, liberals, and anyone except christians. He rallied the christians to go after the people they always hated. Religion played a large part of Hitler’s hate filled rants.
The destruction of the family. For blacks that started back during slavery and continued through jim crow. Then drug laws designed to go after blacks took fathers away from the home. Discrimination destroyed the black family. After the civil right acts were signed, white flight away from the city, taking the money with them. It left most cities poor with no resources. And businesses shied away from the cities, because mostly black people lived there. And when blacks tried to flee the city, they were denied any ability to buy homes where the white people lived. That is the truth, white man’s hate destroyed the black family.
Oh the poor have sexual desire that the others don’t. You are really full of BS. The republicans do what they can to make sure that birth control is not available. And then expect people not to have sex.
You sure do have a lot of hate in you.


Keep your dogma off my healthcare, and get back on topic or be quiet.


You should learn some history. Sure Hitler killed anyone who opposed him and some of them were christians. A number of christians opposed Hitler for what he was doing. And they wound up the same way that intellectuals, liberals, jews, gays, romana, and other minorities that Hitler had killed.

That does not mean that Hitler didn’t use god for the majority of the people in the country. They united for god and country because Hitler claimed that god blessed the aryan race and what they were doing. And the german people marched and killed under that banner of god and country.

As for what gods wants, yes plural because there are so many and they all make the same claim that they are the only real one, I could care less. One does not need a god to have morals and having a god does not make one moral.

As for the christian faith, it’s bloody history of convert or die, has never behaved morally. Oh a few sects here and there tried. But after Constantine’s take over of the faith, it was used as a weapon against everyone else. You see, I read the real history of the world. Where the christians thought they were superior to everyone else and that stealing land from others, enslaving others was blessed by god.

The history of africa and the americas shows how the christians destroyed the natives culture and imposed their so call right to rule over the world. Asia was also affected by the christians attempts to rule over them. It is why southeast asia got so screwed up. By christians trying to rule over the people who didn’t want them in their land. But christians don’t care about not being wanted, they think they have the right by dominonism to rule the world. And a great many christians in the US believe that they and only they have the right to the world’s treasures.

They also think it is a great idea for Israel to exist, not because they like jews, but because the 2nd coming needs an Israel to exist. Because that is where the war will start and cleanse the world of everyone who is not a christian, either everyone dies or they convert. That has been christian history and belief since Constantine’s dream to conquer the world.

That is the real truth and it is why we don’t want those same christians taking over our government and doing the same to the rest of us now. The only real christians that I see are the liberal ones. They actually try to live as christ taught. Prosperity gospel rules the conservatives. Oh and those two people you mentioned, both were liberals. Which is why they were killed.


I understand when embryos become babies, and I understand that they possess the bodies of women who need many kinds of healthcare. I’ve been there. And I understand that, in an acute medical situation, the life of the woman always comes first.

What part of “on topic” do you not understand?


No, the topic is a new division in the Office of Civil Rights of the US Department of Health and Human Services that turns the whole notion of civil rights in health and human services on its head. The point of this new division is to support health-care workers in employment litigation. Abortion is just one of the issues involved.

And I don’t know where you’re getting your statistics. But I don’t want to give you another reason to go on about it.