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'Keep Your Dogma Off My Healthcare!': Trump Empowers Nation's Doctors to Discriminate


'Keep Your Dogma Off My Healthcare!': Trump Empowers Nation's Doctors to Discriminate

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

"It shocks the conscience that our government would invite healthcare providers to discriminate against their patients, but this is exactly what HHS's new unit is designed to do."

protest at HHS


I need to do a bit more research on this (which I heard about from a Presbyterian pastor in Austin TX; he was raising the alarm, not approving), but it seems a direct inversion of the relevant laws.

The Web page for the Division itself features a photo of a young woman doctor wearing a headscarf. Yuck!


Oh, and doesn’t this violate the Executive Order about reducing regulations?


In Ohio Gov. Kasich and the Republicans have proscribed abortion for women who are carrying a fetus destined to be a child with Down’s syndrome. Chip, chip, chip.


Don’t we have freedom of religion in this country?


shame, shame,shame


So doctors in Ohio (and, I understand, Indiana and SDakota) are forced to discriminate based on someone else’s religious convictions? Crap.


What we don’t have—and desperately need—is freedom FROM religion. Washington DC is rapidly morphing into Peshawar-on-the-Potomac.


So unless a child is absolutely perfect, you get the right to murder that child and get it out of the way. Have you ever actually spoken with parents who have a Down’s Syndrome child? They will tell you that they love their child and have grown as persons by learning to adapt and care for a Special Needs child. How different from you and your utterly selfish view that any inconvenience in the womb needs to be terminated.

Do yourself a favor and expand your bigoted and narrow little world and do some volunteer work at a home that cares for Down’s Syndrome adults. I think it will change your mind to see just how wonderful, loving, and friendly such people are.


You had freedom from religion:

Soviet Russia - 60 million murdered
Communist China - 50 million murdered.
Communist Cambodia - 20 million murdered.

Is this what you really want?


Killing a child is not healthcare.


Yep, once they are born they are lovable and have a righto be loved. But a fetus is not a person, yet. When does it become a person? When it is born. Btw, I have friends and a relative who have had such a child and loved them. Why are there homes for DS?


That’s a good topic to discuss another time. Can we get back to this one?


That is not what freedom of religion means. No one had freedom in those countries. That is the whole point of authoritarian countries. Which went against everything Marx wrote about.
And the same is true about countries that use religion to control people, like Hitler did. And plenty of countries right now in the world. Those countries have little freedom for their people.
Which is why the founders wanted government out of the religious business and be secular. That way, religion gets to be free and those w/o it get to be free. Once religion gets into government, only that religion is tolerated, everyone else gets FUBARed. That was what was happening in europe, the religious wars against the minority religion and non-beleivers. And those religious wars prompted the founders to make sure that the government was not ruled by religion. And that is freedom of religion.


Actually, there was about one state-sanctioned religion in the USSR, but @Edward_A_Hara’s numbers are still irrelevant, especially to the topic at hand.


An unborn child is not a person? So what is it – a duck? Are you really, seriously telling me that less than two inches thickness of skin and membrane separates a person from being a person? You know where that leads - it leads to the college kid who proclaimed that it should be allowable to kill children up to the age of two because they cannot communicate or understand, therefore, lacking these skills, they are not human. It leads to the barbaric practice of “partial-birth” abortion in which if at least some of the child, in your paradigm, is not out of the womb, it is still not human and therefore killable.

It is a person from the moment of conception. All it needs is time to grow into the fullness of personhood. You would deny the child that basic right.


That is exactly what freedom from religion means. It means that the religious have no rights in the public market place of ideas, no freedom to practice their beliefs, and really no right to life, as seen in the Communist countries. Any and all religious morality will not be tolerated - at all, and to speak that truth to power or the masses will result in persecution.

This is really what the Communist/Leftist/Liberals of the world want - they want to not see, hear, or have to deal with people with strong moral values based on religious texts. And inevitably, the single unifying factor in this bigotry is the desire for the freedom to fornicate with whoever one wishes and do whatever one wishes sexually without being told that such behavior is wrong. It annoys Liberals to no end to have Christians insist that the purpose of sexuality is to express love between a man and a woman in a committed life-long relationship called “marriage.”

Don’t try to snow me - that is really what the Left wants. Everything else is just window dressing.

The ironic part is that the concern the Left expresses for the poor is undermined by their whining for untrammeled sexual expression. One only has to look at the inner cities of our country to see what the Playboy philosophy has wrought - over 70% of black babies are raised in a single-parent (aka female only) household. Men are encouraged in our media and through pornography to consider sexuality as a mere toy to play with rather that something sacred to be treated with respect. And they then view women as sex toys.

The destruction of the family unit is one of the leading causes of inner city black poverty (along with Democrat Party platforms, which do not solve the issue of poverty). Strong nuclear families lead to psychologically healthy children who can find a productive place in the world instead of turning to crime and hate because they are acting out their inner self-loathing over not being “good enough” to have a father to care for them and raise them.

Hitler used religion to control people? Now that’s a new one on me. My understanding is that he killed anyone who was a real Christian and opposed his anti-everything-but-German bigotry.


It may as well be. It cannot yet hear, see, breathe, does not have a personality, may not yet have a name. The stupid college kid that you allege to know about does not make the case.


I am a sustaining member. You and truthout and information clearinghouse.


Absolutely perfect.? Are you aware of the fact that persons with Down’s syndrome have profound learning disability, cannot be self-sustaining, will never learn to read or write and are sterile. Also, about 25 per cent of pregnancies end in spontaneous abortion. Some appear as a late menstrual periods.


While you’re still off topic (and I hesitate to respond for that reason), you’re also ill informed about people with Down’s. There is a very wide spectrum of learning disability, ranging from slight to profound. Watch the A&E and Emmy-winning series “Made This Way” to see how Down’s folk can indeed be self-sustaining and can read and write better than people I’ve met in these discussions. Adults with Down’s may have every reason anyone else has to be sexually active, and women with Down’s can conceive. There’s apparently one documented case of a man with Down’s fathering a child without disability.

But please, now, back on topic?