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'Keep Your Mouths Shut': US Ambassador to Israel Denounces Journalists Who Tell Truth About Gaza Massacre


'Keep Your Mouths Shut': US Ambassador to Israel Denounces Journalists Who Tell Truth About Gaza Massacre

Jake Johnson, staff writer

U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman has a message for journalists who dare to tell the truth about Israel's ongoing massacre of nonviolent demonstrators in Gaza: "Keep your mouths shut."


“Massacre?” 80 percent of those killed were acknowledged Hamas or Islamic Jihad militants. The wounded mostly received a single bullet wound to one leg below the knee.

You should know that becaue your critique is absurd even on its face that Israeli policy makers simply ignore you. Israel is able to ignore you these days as the acknowledged - by Russia, the U.S., Sunni Arab neighbors – regional stabilizing element.

The Palestinians are now irrelevant to Mid-East politics and this site makes them increasingly so. Good job!

The hypocrisy of this site is jaw-dropping.


I don’t think you would have a problem calling it a massacre if the dead were from the other side.

All lives (should) matter.



Acknowledged by you? Hardly a trustworthy source, judging from your previous fact-free posts.



Mate, just go play on Breitbart and Co…


A re-naming of the country isn’t far behind: The United States of Israel.


Then how about you go–AND STAY–the fuck away!!!


America and Israel were made for each other. They go together like deadly poisoned peas and carrots.


Would you like a one-way trip to Gaza?


This was a totally unnecessary exercise on the part of the ambassador since the bought-off media has been exercising their “right” to be lap-dogs for decades.


Agreed. Except, could we make it AmeriKKKa…??


Please excuse me…

Fuck You David Friedman!


The silencing of the US Congress, the press and targeting journalists for death by Israeli forces, have been the reality for many decades!

The last 60 years have been one long massacre of Palestinians by Israeli forces and so-called settlers - often in slo-mo, often massive strikes by the Israeli IDF against civilians and civilian infrastructure, often using banned and indiscriminate weapons and tactics - war crimes by any standard…except the Israeli lap-dog US and the apartheid state! War crimes and crimes against humanity from the zionist entity are the norm, NOT the exception! Racist and supremacist beyond all norms of decency or normal society! They have subverted US politics, Congress, elections, and foreign policy directly and via their foreign agents in the US, AIPAC! Israeli extremism and subversion of the US is a clear and present danger to US sovereignty! ENOUGH!

The Israeli IDF have been shooting and killing Palestinian men, women, and children (lots of those) for decade after decade, or Rabin’s “break their bones” policy, brutalizing Palestinian youth, putting their limbs against a curb or something else and stomping the arms and legs of any youth caught throwing rocks! "former Defense Minister Yitzhak Rabin gave orders in January, 1988, to break the bones of Palestinian inciters as punishment."

The anniversary of the premeditated Israeli attack on the USS Liberty killing or wounding over 200 US sailors in the failed false-flag op was June 8, 1967! Israel was found to have known the ID of the Liberty and the attack was intentional according to the findings of the Moorer Commission, chaired by US Admiral Thomas H Moorer - the US and the Israelis have covered the truth up since the attack in 1967! http://www.gtr5.com/evidence/moorer.htm


The anniversary of the Liberty attack and massacre is JUNE 8 - NEVER FORGET!



I’m sure you could fix it all… how about you hop on over there and take care of it.



Flagged for flagrant anti-Semitism - previous post too. But curious who is this “The Jews” that do all these diabolical things? The line is clear. When the atrocious behavior of the State of Israel is attributed to “The Jews” - you have crossed over into racist anti-Semitism - no different than blaming urban gang killings on “The Niggers”.


Let’s say, just for arguing they were “Hamas Militants”, what does that have to do with the fact that they are unarmed and engaging in peaceful protest when they are gunned down?


From D’ump’s new and improved swamp.


Any chance we could get this guy to follow his own advice?


I thought the NY Times did a pretty good job on the reporting on this one. But the Times may have been the exception. Good illustrations were provided by the Times for understanding the physical layout of the area and where the Palestinians were and where the Israeli soldiers were. The Palestinians were not entirely peaceful as the original protest organizers had imagined but they didn’t represent any kind of significant physical threat that would require the Israelis to use lethal force. There did not seem to any reason for bullets to be used. The use of lethal force seemed more to be a strong message delivered by the Israeli government and the people who died were the result. Since the war in Lebanon in the early 1980s Israel has often used far more force than was needed. Before that Israel seemed to use appropriate force and was largely the victim of attacks by surrounding countries. Clearly the Israeli government today has a far different mindset than it did when the country was led by people like Ben Gurion and Golda Meir.