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Keep Your Spirits Up: You Can’t Resist Trump When You’re Tired and Sad


Keep Your Spirits Up: You Can’t Resist Trump When You’re Tired and Sad

Colin Beavan

The terrible predictions of what will happen now that Donald Trump has been elected president—to people of color, to immigrants, to LGBTQ people, to women, and to our planet—are overwhelming. For those of us who care about social or environmental justice, the news is crushing. It can seem, if we are not careful, that all our past work and love has been for naught.


Heard that he wants to bring eugenics back because he has superior genes.


I would suggest taking the time to meditate on just what you mean by "resisting Trump." It makes as much sense as declaring that your going to resist a tornado or an earthquake.

It might be wise to take a little time to talk to our despised homeless poor to gain some survival skills. A number of those who are reading this right now will be destitute by the end of the next eight years.


No, based on his unusually low forehead, according to this theory, Trump is a poorly developed, primitive human.


Hey, I liked that one. Someone said that he has a 156 iq-huh? Of course that does not make one a decent human.


Wish I could follow the writer's advice. Unfortunately, as a student of history, watching this creeping fascism is too frightening. I keep trying to look for the light, but dont see it. And it has been going on too long.

But to ignore it is sort of like trying to forget about the tornado just outside my house.


But we have so much more power than that. We get to change our culture by how we live individually and in community every day. We get to change our society by how much pressure we put we put on the institutions—governments, businesses, religions—that form society’s skeleton.

This is a take that the powers-that-be want you to miss. Shit is coming it seems. But how it unfolds depends on people's state of mind. Some of the revolutions in Europe saw whole regimes more or less disappear into thin air. Alternatively the police state might get extremely nasty. But the difference ultimately depends on how each individual feels about things. So how you speak to others and what you say is important. Most of the West has had it with all this shit. All that is required is for people to realise that we all have that view in common. Once no one is prepared to support the situation it will implode. It will happen. The more peaceful the transition is, the better.


Very sane, actionable advice. Thank you.
If I did not have a meditation practice I would be starkers.
If I did not have a community of loving heart centered people, I would be isolated.
It I did not know what I stand for, I would be utterly lost.


Thank you, brother.

I started speaking this truth on here months ago. Full of desire for this voice to be heard, now.

When all outer circumstances are perfectly designed to open us to exactly this.

I took a lot of punches for speaking from the raw wild heart of love here. Almost gave up, again, on bringing my voice through. So many males are still desperately defending themselves against opening into the painful, beautiful truth. So many are primed to lash out when a woman calls them, heart to heart. It is impossible for them to hear me. But I know many who cannot hear me can hear you.

So I smile. Breathe easier. Remember that (paraphrasing a gospel song here): you can't hurry the Mystery, no/you just have to wait...It may not come when you want it/but it's right on time!

As women cannot stop more overt forms of violence without the active alliance of heartful men, we also cannot turn the tide of covert violence without you. As I, like you, understand that life moves from inside out, I still ache for allies who also work each day, each breath, to transform violence in this way.

My chest is softer, my eyes and mouth more available to beauty than before I read your words. Ase!


No way to forget. Trying to forget is what created messes like this one.

I believe this writer is pointing the way to something you'd enjoy more than either trying to forget, or being whirled about by the tornado. (This is a real and present danger in moments like this one.)

When you Occupy the center of your Self, the center within and around the tornado, you harvest the raw power of the storm, and offer it back to the Mystery that creates all this. THEN all you do manifests what you want to see. THEN the righteous revulsion resolves itself into an invincible tool for allowing something better to grow here.

From one warrior to another: this is the way of ease, grace, and potency. The way of the martial artist.