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Keeping America Great (In China)


Keeping America Great (In China)

Okay let's get this straight: The loudmouth Grifter-In-Chief who yaps endlessly about supporting American business except he makes all his crap in other countries is super busy making “Keep America Great!” banners for his supposed re-election in a factory in China, where he's ramping up production to keep the cost of his swag sweatshop-cheap before his own threatened, ill-considered tariffs on Chinese goods kick in. Entirely too much winning.


I am reassigning his presidency from 45 to Ø, the null set. Perhaps I should choose a negative number. I am so glad to not have children to teach to respect the president.


Amen. Had I chosen to procreate, the minimum requirements to maintain my integrity would have forced me to tell my offspring some ugly truths—which would have resulted in their having as miserable a time in school as I endured. It’s no picnic being a square peg in a country full of perfectly round holes…


Great political satire.
Zany and brutal at the same time,
Was it Ice Cube that said, “If it ain’t hard, it ain’t real.” ?


The Chinese are also busy keeping the global warming hoax alive