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Keeping Kids Safe — At the Border and in Our Classrooms


Keeping Kids Safe — At the Border and in Our Classrooms

Rethinking Schools Editorial

Kina, the 6-year-old daughter of one of our editors, walked into the living room when the TV was on last week and saw a visual of children huddled under mylar blankets. “What are those kids doing in there?” she asked. “Are they in jail?”

Our editor, her mom, explained that the kids had been separated from their parents, and that their parents were probably in a different jail.

“Aren’t grown-ups supposed to keep kids safe?” she asked.


"When students like Kina ask us if we can keep them safe, our actions must be our answer. If we refuse to talk about these issues — because they are too painful, too complicated, too sensitive, or too politically fraught — that sends a clear message that we have relinquished our responsibilities, as adults, to try to keep them safe. Our silence is complicity. Now is the time for action and solidarity.

We call on educators, students, and families to help us emphatically answer Kina’s question: We will do everything in our power to protect you. We will do everything in our power to keep you safe."

Good start. Then the discussion can begin about the children in Yemen, Palestine, Venezuela, etc.


Yes, we need to expose the truth and that there have been forces at play that made for this situation.

I met Jennifer Harbury back in 1999 in D.C. when many of us were fighting to see Leonard Peltier free and what I admired about her was her integrity: