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Keeping Score in History: Who Won this Week?


Keeping Score in History: Who Won this Week?

Rick Salutin

Keeping score can be exhausting and confusing. On Thursday morning, we had more golds but the U.S. had more medals. So who's on first? And if you assign points metallically, who's winning then? But I didn't mean the Pan Ams when I started this paragraph, I meant politics and history. Take the past week.


Thank you, Mr. Salutin, for acknowledging the importance of Feminism… a work, like all Progressive works, that remains IN progress.

What is very difficult is envisioning what is unfamiliar.

Since the father (male) as HEAD of family acts as central authority or domestic CEO, and this pattern constitutes the all too ubiquitous model, the premise of gender parity is YET to take root inside homes here and elsewhere. (Similar can be said for the paradox that has top-down systems of management established in government and the business world, yet speaks of the farce of Democracy… as if equal voice can be attributed to all individuals when these authoritarian models ARE THE dominant RULE.)

As I’ve mentioned before, as a world traveler, student of sociology and keen observer of human dynamics… in those areas where males feel most inhibited by the presence of an outside invader/occupier force, greater emphasis is made on the control of women.

The machismo that’s rampant throughout Latin and Central America is a case in point.

Interestingly enough, as the Authoritarian Homeland Security State weighs down on citizens, civil liberties, and wages… through Christian Fundamentalism an equivalent American Taliban works tirelessly to roll back women’s rights starting with reproductive control over their own bodies.

Academia, formerly an all-male bastion grants titles to those women who conform to its standards and metrics. That is, a male-centric worldview.

When Susan Faludi wrote “Backlash,” she chronicled with great detail what Feminism was creating in the way of blowback.

And while the current Pope Francis shows amazing enlightenment when it comes to fairer wages for both genders, and genuine caretaking of this planet’s natural bounty, and fairer systems of economics… he does not speak to the worldwide misogyny that shows up through the sex slave industry, the preponderance of rape in war zones, the sickening forms of pornography that turn women into chattel, and so much else.

Also, the concepts of “winning” and “keeping score” conform to team sports. These maintain, at their core ideological root: that much in life can be understood through simplistic linear equations. The winner-loser frame is then attached to “theaters of war.” Pundits like Tom Engelhardt and his stable of writers all bow in homage to that limited frame; a frame so limited that it reinforces the status quo by looking to nothing outside of itself.

I was talking to a very smart man I recently met (smart enough to fix a $4000 AC system when lighting hit it and knocked out an electrode inside of its circuit boards) what he would want to read about… in a book on Consciousness. (I am working on such an item now.) He asked me if I’d ever read the work of Rupert Sheldrake, and I admitted that I had not.

What a refreshing moment it was to come upon this video… Sheldrake and I think very much alike. Some time ago (about 5+ years) a poster who went by the screen name of “Golden Mean” posted a brilliant comment that depicted how two world views operate. One, ensconced in materiality as “first cause” dismissed anything that doesn’t conform to its linear, measurable metrics. The other is the worldview that I subscribe to… as does Sheldrake, as do ALL visionaries, inventors, true iconoclasts and those ready for a different paradigm for all.

Here is the link:



“What a burden, keeping history moving forward toward its goals. If we fail, he added, we’ll be “Burning a hole in time for all times.” How shameful that would be, but how exhausting it sounds.”

The trick is to live your life in service to decency humanity and life, against whatever ugliness is embedded in the historical paradigm you find yourself in, but not drive yourself nuts about some cosmic timeless burden that you believe rests upon you. It’s not actually about “keeping history moving forward” it’s about steering always toward truth and love, whatever the outcomes.


Thank you webwalk, what a refreshing response to such a critical post.


Thanks Coup. i do not always successfully live to my own ideals (i take everything way too seriously), but i try to keep moving closer.


i believe that if we actually steer toward truth and love, we will soon find ourselves face to face with those who steer always to wealth and power. Then the trick is to keep steering, whatever the outcomes. But i do believe that we need to face them down.


nice, webwalk. and perhaps stopping to check inside now and then. and for me, sometimes avoiding the “news” altogether, anymore.


Yes, i tend to live too much in the front of my brain without checking inside on a regular basis.

And yes, completely give up looking at “mainstream” media! Way healthier.


What a unique and refreshing opinion piece. I would add to what is new in our time along with the widening struggle for equal gender rights, the beginnings at least of the equally difficult struggle to end the persecution of “non-normal” sexual orientation, so arbitrarily determined at conception. edit: But who’s keeping score.


Isn’t it sort of historical that we only find out how successful we’ve been often at some distance? It’s that hindsight 20/20 thing.

Feminism has been around for a while in various guises and it seems to have made progress of late. However, we seem stuck in a ‘masculine’ version of femininity - where women in leadership roles are expected to out-tugboat Annie or to fit into the three piece/silk tie/old boys schtik. Maybe, when men are encouraged to tap into their feminine side (the truth and love thing mentioned above?) , and the testosterone ration is reduced, for everybody, the progress will be of even greater value.

It might even have some ‘blowback’ into even more important areas than jobs, wealth or politics


A better analysis than most here.