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Keeping the Curtains Drawn on Secretive Factory Farm Industry

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/27/keeping-curtains-drawn-secretive-factory-farm-industry


Money is the problem.

Pigs are smarter than dogs, friendly, and can do simple math - intelligence tests show they are really smart.

People wouldn’t like being raised as food, killed and eaten, pigs don’t either.


Actually a number of animals can do math.

There a fascinating bird that lives on the cones of the White Pine. In fact the white pine relies on that bird in order to reproduce.

These birds have a territory of about 10 square miles and they peel these pine cones when they fall to the ground storing the seeds in their gullet. They then will cache these seeds in their territory creating as many as 10000 separate caches. They will bury the seeds under ground and cover it with dirt.

Here the thing. When they go back to find those caches they will go unerringly to any one of those 10000. They never forget where they are and never have to search for them. It has found they use trigonometry to locate those stashes. When they create the stash they will look to two distant objects, be it a tree or rock and instantly calculate and remember the distance to each. When they go back to find those seeds they locate those objects and unerringly go to the exact location of the stash.

What is also amazing is they have been observed remembering these caches for up to 2 years. Thats 20000 locations they can instantly remember.

You try and do that using just eyesight and memory. I do not think there any human that could.

This just a wee sampling.



Had a visit from a couple of 300 lb. Yorkshires on Boxing day - they were out having an adventure after escaping my neighbor’s pen Christmas night. Lovely couple. Country pigs suffer the same fate, but they live much more interesting lives.


My (now long gone :frowning: sweet and smart ) dog used to remember where my friends apartments were (or had been even years later). He could tell one old Victorian from a row of very similar looking ones, how he did it, I have no idea. Maybe smell?


Great article!

Both of my parents had a long history of farming in the family . None of those families (my dad had 20 brothers and sisters) would have anything to do with factory farming.

In any case there was this one sow that kept escaping from the pasture she was in and I was always having to go round her up and get her back in. I could never find out how she got out. In any case I tracked her down after an escape and started herding her back. Once she was “caught” she would always dutifully return to the gate and go pack in the hog pasture.

One day i was behind her walking along the fence line and of a sudden she looked elsewhere , saw something that caught her eye and ambled off towards it. I went in pursuit. She sniffs at whatever it was, makes a big show of being interested and then starts heading back to the gate.

After I got her back in the pasture I was curious. I went back to the spot she had left the fence line, walked a few feet further up and found the place she was using to escape. No one will ever convince me that her suddenly seeing that thing that caught her eye and going to investigate was not part of her plan to ensure I would not find her escape route.


Sounds like a lobbyist.

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Oh lobbyists are neither that smart or that subtle.


But they do get into that slop trough.

Domestic chickens, too. (They were descended from T. Rex, a predator, remember?)

There was a cow who gave birth to twins. She allowed the farmer to take one calf, but hid the other one in deep, tall grass. She eventually was rescued with her surviving calf. THEY ARE NOT STUPID!


The swine guarding the hog house


The cruelty and arrogance of many humans who inflict pain and suffering on animals, and the many others who ignore such abysmal cruelty inflicted on sentient creatures, “domestic” and wild, to create profits is a critical measure of civilization. When we abuse and exterminate animal life, or tolerate individuals and corporations doing the same, we make abusing and exterminating each other and Mother Earth, Gaia, easier and tolerated. We are not the only species that feels pain and experiences suffering…


I grew up in the 1950’s in a rural community in Maryland.

Directly across the street from our house was a pig farm, and right up the street was my two Great Uncle’s farm which had horses, cows, and chickens.

There were a couple more pig farms about 1/4 to 1/2 mile away up behind our place.

Never, in those years in my youth did I ever see any farmer mistreat any animal.

Well, chickens lost their heads occasionally, but then again, what chicken doesn’t.

Oh yeah, Psychedelic Chicken.

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We are what we eat. We North Americans eat pigs. We appear, as do pigs, smart and freindly but actually, we are stupid and hateful. We deserve our fate. Our fate is extinction or pig food, whichever comes first. Can’t be too soon. Pigs tolerate covid19 well, don’t worry about them.

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