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Keeping the Flame Alight

Keeping the Flame Alight

Dark day. And lots more coming. But amidst the tears and shock and shame we live in a country where hate, for now, has won, there's a resolve to move past the heartsickness, invoke our better angels, and keep fighting for what's right - per Joe Hill 's "Don't mourn - organize." Among the few glimpses of light - Arpaio, Duckworth, our own Pious Ali - the brightest may be the startlingly blue electoral map of America's young. "This," notes one hopeful observer, "is how the future voted."

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Let it Shine

In Anthony Romero’s ACLU letter regarding Oklahoma’s excellent ballot initiatives
redirecting prison dollars to counties for rehabilitation and mental health treatment,
he succinctly targets the future we need to pursue.

“Signaling a Shift in National Reform Strategy to Focus on States as Ground Zero for Justice Reforms”

Bring it home, bring caring to the local level. We shall overcome the darkness.

Look at how a single candle can both defy and define the darkness. Anne Frank


No time to mourn but action is needed: our eco systems are in peril which make all else moot and we can increase our support to those original people of Turtle Island who are, right now, in need of support as the DAPL plans to run the black snake under the river. We can all come together here in the necessary wave of resistance.


Pathetic comment.


For one, I am tired of seeing people telling each other not to mourn, not to feel, not to have their own emotions right now. This is in fact a time where many of us are still under the shock of it all. The complete failure of Main Stream Media to consider all possibilities and to head them off at the pass has left us with deep anger, with enormous sadness, and yes, mourning.

We are mourning our freedoms of speech, our rights that will be shaken even further, our choices that will be reduced, our futures that will be harder to overcome obstacles set into play by this new Republican Power. Paul Ryan, in an attempt to look like super predator No 1 in power, took to the screen before Mrs. Clinton had even the chance to give her concession speech, and laid out his plan to be the TOP DOG, THE guy who plans to BULLY the nation into whatever legislative scam he likes. He is the man I say we go after next. He makes Chris Christie look like a school girl in uniform.

So let us feel our feelings. Feelings do eventually pass. We will eventually regain our heart and our courage. Let us stand united, when that day comes.

To Abby Zimmit and all the chicken little’s screaming “the sky is falling” because of the Donald Trump win, relax and realize that things are not as bad as you imagine (nor as good as president-elect Trump fancies).
Please view this as a teachable moment wherein you can personally experience and get in touch with the frustrations and disappointment of:
All the “wacko fundamentalists” who view “abortion on demand” as the murder of innocent lives who cannot even speak up for, let alone defend their right to live and not be expunged before birth.
The disgust of devout Christians, Jews, and Muslims who find the homosexual lifestyle disgusting and an abomination to endure.
The frustration and resentment of older Americans shuffled off of payrolls and forced to feel useless and discarded by society.
The “angry white male” who has been the object of ridicule and contempt by those younger and of different gender.
What you think of “the orange cheeto” is what they think of you–and they have finally gotten fed up enough to do something about their contempt.

Hate has not won, good grief. People actually rebelled, and that’s a Good Thing. Now that we can see a gllimpse of people power, there can be hope - as seen in multiple demonstrations immediately after the election, clearly intending to correct expected excesses and weaknesses in the new administration.

A future blue map is NOT what we want, and whether the Dem (or Rep) party can be reformed is the wrong question. There’s nothing in the Constitution about two political parties, much less naming the two duopolistic current ones. Why frame the future with this failed paradigm?

And why color-code a map to denote sports-like voters always in competition with each other? Use maps to show the states’ progress re reducing incarceration rates, development of alternative energies, quality of medical care/ education/ justice/ sustainable agriculture, etc. We only ‘win’ when we work together.

Sure, we should keep a “flame alight”, as in a bonfire for any and all corruption, and any political party or politician who practices it.

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This map is 100% academic now that 2016 election results confirm that if young voters had voted in the numbers they did in 2008, Clinton would have won the electoral college or at least two third parties would have gotten the 5% they needed to have equal access to the 2020 election.

Yes, I have heard that young voters only vote for candidates who inspire them. If they don’t find other sources of inspiration soon they can count on many more Trumps (or worse) winning elections in the future.

No I am not discounting how smart young people are. My point is: what good are smarts if they are not used constructively…smarts alone plus three bucks buys a cup of coffee.