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Keeping Wall Street Speeches Secret Speaks Volumes About Hillary Clinton


Keeping Wall Street Speeches Secret Speaks Volumes About Hillary Clinton

Bill Blum

It’s been roughly three months since Hillary Clinton promised, during her Feb. 4 debate with Bernie Sanders on the eve of the New Hampshire primary, to “look into” releasing the transcripts of her paid speeches to Goldman Sachs and other Wall Street investment houses.


Why isn't Bernie pushing for the release of these speeches at every opportunity he has???


You can't prove that I accepted a bribe just because I took the money! A unique defense that one. Her intervention in the UBS bank affair as Sec of State tells you how she will reign in Wall St. Hillary Clinton will go down in history as having run the biggest con game in American politics. She is accomplished...an accomplished liar beyond compare. In fact she is simply amazing at how blatant a liar she can be and get away with it.


My guess is she will never do it voluntarily. Those of you that remember the recording of Romney's speech where he calls the rest of us 47%, moochers?
Well those speeches are Hillary's 47% speeches. Where's Anonymous when you need them? Someone needs to leak these speeches before the convention. And the investigation of her emails should come out too. She could be indicted. All together you can see why so many, myself included, will never vote for her. She sees herself as royalty and makes up her own rules, oddly no one stops her. They must be scared of her, as I am.
Watch for trolls, she hired a million dollars worth of them to convince you Bernie has lost and we need to vote for her. Wasted million.


She won't release the transcripts, because it's likely they no longer exist. They probably disappeared the same way all those emails disappeared. She is too much the politician to not bury something so damaging.


For some weeks I wondered why, whenever I see pictures of Sanders and Hillary I think of the avian species. Then it hit me: Sanders' heart-warming smile at the bird that rested on the podium, and a vision of Hillary as a potential jailbird.


Thank you, Mr. Blum for this excellent report/analysis.

There's lots more secrecy where the speeches and emails are concerned.

Mrs. Clinton sees herself as nobility and since when does nobility answer to the lowly peons?


I stand corrected. Has he raised it at every debate?


Only certain people end up becoming political wonks and frequent sites like CD or the right wing equivalents. Most people do not know the facts much less have the wherewithal to debate them with a knowledgeable opponent. Political types keep on top of developments wheras most people have 'heard something about it' but not much deeper than just the headlines. For example some may know that Hillary messed up in Libya but they have no idea of what she actually did do. They follow headlines and judge the validity of stories by seeing if they are repeated over time without being challenged. They don't ever go research what happened. So for the them the issue is simple. Libya was not so good for Hillary for some reason or other.

They don't search out political facts or puzzle through conflicting reportage and slanted stories. This is a country who watched a survival show where people are lost on an island (along with camera crews and production catering ). An inexplicable mystery to me and kind iof scary. This is a country that asks if Minnesota is part of the USA. Actually they ask their kids that question because the kid knows...lol.

They mean well and as far as they know they do their best. Once they could trust the media to be objective journalists but that day has passed...that is one of those mistakes of history that people fail to remember and end up repeating BTW. Only free countries have a free press and vice versa.


In another thread you push the idea that the fighting military and its "following orders" acts comport with the citizenry in some pretend-seamless continuum.

Here, you make the people who don't have the time, energy or incentive (since most think they ARE getting news) to ferret out alternative media ... into the problem.

You ALWAYS protect power.

You ALWAYS protect the trespassers.

Whatever is done by Deep State or Corporate interests you turn around into the fault of citizens, voters, All Americans, us/we, and other general pabulum designed to take the HEAT off the ACTUAL authors of doctrines, decisions, and deal making.

And you're first up and PAID to post here.


I feel sorry for you because your critical facilities are rapidly declining. To be honest I often simply skip over your rambling rants which repeat the same things month after month and often in no relation to the article's thread. I can't bring myself to bother deciphering what you are talking about here but simple common sense should have alerted you that you are suffering from both paranoia and perhaps even early onset dementia. Why don't you double check your first impulse to attack and reread before you post. I was only offering an excuse for people who mean well but don't have the luxury or time to track politics like so many do on CD et al. People don't know that's all. I wasn't blaming them I was excusing them.


Hillary hides behind those resisting movements until they reach a consensus then claims credit for the movements success( N.Y. $15 wage bill). Bernie is there not after the fact but before it, when speaking out still makes a difference.


They don't exist. My understanding is that as a condition to give the speeches Hillary insisted that they not be recorded. No audio or video devices were let in the room. BUT, she also insisted that a transcriptionist be provided to record what she said and that the only copy of the transcripts was to be given to Hillary.

It seems that Clinton was concerned about the content of the speeches being made public before she even agreed to give them.


Lol that may as well be but in the end ...who wants to live with that crap. I want democracy. I deserve democracy and so does everybody else. I don't want or deserve someone corrupt like Hillary just because Wall St wants her. Fight back like in the sixties! Demonstrate! Come to Philadelphia in July and show them that they can't get away with this rigging of the game so easily. That is what they count on is people giving up. The spirit of the sixties wasn't only being rebellious but it was demonstrating that rebellion in protest marches and sit ins (the first Occupy's).

All around the world people are demonstrating again. That is what Americans need to do. Make it real. Nonviolent protest makes a difference. It stopped a war and it could stop the rise of oligarchy.



Remember the missing Rose law firm billing records that were found (in the WhiteHouse) I believe, after one of the investigations into her work there was over? I'll have to go back to review exactly what the issue was, but I think the records indicated she did legal work for someone she denied doing.



You don't prove your points. You just use ad hominem attacks.

You CONSTANTLY take what's being done BY THE MILITARY and equate that with the citizenry.

You always look for a way to blame citizens or voters for what's done by those who have power, have violated the laws of this nation, and buck at any form of accountability.

That kind of "blame the victim" approach is precisely what compels soldiers to knock down doors of "designated enemies," and has cops shooting at innocent civilians only to hide behind the "code of blue," and politicians making deadly decisions and then hiding behind the "mistakes were made" clause.

Power must be held to account and it starts with an HONEST dissection and analysis of events.

This constant projection of the deleterious acts of very real persons onto those who have virtually no voice is a deliberate means of protecting Power.

YOU do it all the time.

And there are always people ASSIGNED to these threads pushing that same message. In fact, it often shows up as a consensus pushed by posters who are "first up" and change their names every month or so.

The names change but the message and pattern remain. And anyone who has the time to pay attention (like me) can see it.

I call it out because it's a disingenuous frame. And anything that doesn't contribute to Truth at this hour stands in its way. YOU DO.

This was part of your earlier post:

"The war that didn't need to be fought but the war we chose to fight. An imperialist war! A political decision decision war not a war of necessity. We chose to fight a war of empire in Vietnam and even though we didn't win, we remained in the empire role nonetheless. The policeman of the world was political arrogance and a sure sign of cultural decline. The schoolyard bully who feels popular because all his friends are afraid to say they don't really like him.

"Why are we in these endless wars?"

In the second paragraph you ask why WE (as if this is something citizens have actively chosen) are in these wars. In the first one you DELIBERATELY use the frame that "we CHOSE a war of empire."

The Page and Gilens study proves that citizens have ZERO influence over policy.

I didn't choose. No one I know chose this outcome.

And since your likely soldier knee-jerk response will likely assert that war is what citizens wanted after 911....

The TRUTH is that 911 was an inside job, and the mass trauma-induced mind control added to Anthrax letters AND an absolutely controlled media pushing the War Agenda made consent seem plausible.

When people are manipulated and lied to at THAT level and THAT often, don't you DARE turn around and insist that they came by any pro-war stance by NATURAL means, you boot-licking soldier boy.

You are a plant!


No surprise that you're tag-teaming it with Wereflea. You soldier boys always use each other for back-up. Cowards, you can't come out alone in any crowd, right?

As for this "citizens deserve what they get" meme...

That clearly places aside the REAL machinations like a captured media that lets Hillary's deceptive statements about her past and present positions stand unchallenged.

It renders invisible the vote count anomalies in N.Y. and Arizona.

It pretends that the elimination of independent voters (not affiliated with the D or R brands) is a legitimate practice when it comes to computing the level of support for a specific candidate.

In short... it sets aside all of the cheating that goes on and in the place of all that, blames citizens.

Again, this kind of inverted reasoning which always has a chorus singing from the same hymnal is being funded by an Authoritarian organization; and given Snowden's revelations about how many THOUSANDS are employed at intel and much of this affiliated with the military, that would be my #1 guess.


Your first sentence is an indictment of your own writing. You repeat these claims about me and yet you offer no proof of even one of them. I really think that you need to rest and try to collect yourself and regain some perspective. This is merely a public forum yet you imbue it with an almost cosmic significance that is not justifiable. Nevertheless do you realize that you are a negative force? You constantly attempt to censor people you disagree with as if their having a different opinion on some issue means that they are the enemy. You have become bizarre and psychologically worrisome. If what I write bothers you so much then please simply ignore it and not even read it. Once again you act like this is your private blog and everyone must not only conform to your viewpoints but also that they must endure you talking about yourself and listen to you criticize others but never accept any criticism yourself. You need therapy. I mean that honestly. Good luck.


No doubt she is taking so long in order to write totally new ones that are completely innocuous /s


I am not sure whether Bernie has raised it at every speech, but the major point that I see is that the Main Stream Media is utterly dismissive of this. That is what makes them completely complicit. There is clearly an ongoing pass being given to the HRC machine.

The 24 hour news channels will go days on a penis size comment on the Republican side. Who's wife is hotter pics will garner an army of pundits weighing in. Endlessly inane talking points are given in hours of endless "infomercial" repetition. Surrogate talking point infomercials pass as news these days.

I don't see any tenacity to go after her on the speeches, the funding of her campaign, the financing of the Clinton Foundation, the audit of Chicago voting machines that revealed potential issues. The consistent and statistically significant difference between exit polls and actual voting results that consistently fall in her favor.

Are all of these legitimate issues? We don't know because no one with the main stream will actually thoroughly investigate any thing in regards to her. She is given a cursory once over to keep up up the sham of journalistic credibility, and then they move on as quickly as possible. They aren't making her uncomfortable when they clearly have plenty of reason to pry into some of these issues.

The fix is in. We are all expected to fall in line and kiss the ring.What is the most concerning to me, is that machine does not even feel we are owed any answers any more. The arrogance that she is conducting her self with is very telling that they know they have nothing to worry about.