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Keith Ellison and the Stakes for the Democrats


Keith Ellison and the Stakes for the Democrats

Bob Dreyfuss

Keith Ellison, the Minnesota congressman who’s running to lead the Democratic National Committee (DNC), won’t fix everything that’s wrong with the Democratic Party. But as the party girds itself for a years-long battle with the Trump administration while simultaneously rebuilding its grassroots base, electing Ellison is an important first step.

Unfortunately, we don’t get a vote and neither do you, unless you’re one of the 447 members of the DNC who will cast their ballots in Atlanta this weekend.


► Bernie and Keith have the winning dialog for Dems

If Hillary wasn't so snooty she'd have learned that long before Trump humiliated her


Go Ellison. If the Democratic Elites/corporacrats sink you ....it is my final straw. Although still a registered D to have a say in selecting the locals ...even that may fall by the wayside. . If we don't get the allegiance to big Money out of our party...we are the same as the other side except for some civil rights issues. But the end result is the same...oligarchy while it lasts....and the obliteration of life on earth.


So torture boy Alan Dershowitz is going to take his ball and go home?

Good riddance.


The establiment just doesnt get it $$$$$