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 Keith Ellison Says He Is Ready to Fight for Democracy in North Carolina—and Across America


 Keith Ellison Says He Is Ready to Fight for Democracy in North Carolina—and Across America

John Nichols

here is, unfortunately, nothing new about the assault on democracy that is playing out in North Carolina. But Democrats need to make a new commitment to defending democracy—and Congressman Keith Ellison is giving voice to that commitment.


From appearances here without the help of progressives.


It is pretty clear democracy in the US is under attack. While the far left certainly doesn't support Trump, the extremist claims that US is no longer a democracy aids Trump. If people believe the US isn't a democracy then why should they worry about Trump destroying it. Claims by the far left that the mainstream media is no longer a free press have had little effect up to now except for helping to boost the careers of leftist writers and speakers by allowing them to make the claim that they are the only ones providing the truth. But if one believes that the mainstream media is not a free press then what Trump does to destroy it matters much less and maybe not at all.


Some people in the mainstream media who opposed the war in Iraq or have written or talked about climate change or topics that corporate sponsors opposed where fired or threatened with loss of jobs. We do not have a free press.


"democracy: a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives."

The US itself is an economic entity, and we're a rigidly class-based society today. The rich have full representation, the middle class have quite a lot (and they have the money and means to organize and make Congress represent them), and the poor have no representation whatsoever.

Either a nation embraces democracy, or it doesn't. There's no such thing as "democracy for some."


Younger people might not know that we had quite a shakeup in MSM during the Reagan administration, with the start of mass media mergers and consolidations, the winnowing-out of reporters and columnists who were regarded as "left-leaning," etc. Censorship, with MSM collectively reporting on only a select range of issues, and only from the corporate perspective. In the 1990s, we saw the influence of the Clinton right wing on the media marketed to to US liberals, especially online. This is especially striking in their choice of elevating the middle class while disregarding the consequences of our deregulated corporate state -- our poverty crisis.

It's always worthwhile to explore international media.


Oh horse shit.


Pssst. Don't tell anyone, but it's a capitalist press. It always was. So is Russia Today.


What happened to Phil Donahue you obtuse fool?

Doesn't google work on your browser?


Ellison talks like a progressive and liberal but he isn't. He is a staunch supporter of Apartheid Israel.. He supports the current FP policy which is exceptionalism and regime change agendas. He doesn't trust Putin or Russia. So, how is he good for us or a new DP? He isn't, and that is why we have been abandoning the DP since Reagan. Change we cannot believe in! These professional politicians want to resurrect the destroyed DP (thanks to the Clintons) back to what it was a month ago, a year ago--not back to the '50's and the LBJ days.

He will be a fighter for the corporate capitalists. What some are now referring to as democracy capitalism. These people are still in bed with the moneyed, the elite, the establishment. The same ones who have destroyed America and a great deal of the planet. Sorry. No change here.


Your comment makes it sound like Trump is the only problem. Trump is a big problem but also a symptom of larger systemic issues.

How about the fact that it is not just Trump that has been, is, and will continue to destroy democracy.

How about turning the reactive idea of having to protect democracy from Trump into a proactive idea of enacting democracy at every level. Then it is a process of engagement and reaching out rather than inaction and turning inward. Then you don't have to worry about who/what is destroying democracy - you can work at the root of the issue in a positive way.


Thanks, and you are correct. I have been banned from three sites and I am noticing the trend toward silencing dissent on several sites I have used for years and respected (free speech, etc.) Something Obama has openly bragged about bringing to an end (as well as freedom of the press). PC is paramount, and will be worse under Trump.


Yes, and it has been reported that Ellison endorsed Democratic billionaire Stephen Bittel, with connections to Wasserman Schultz, who recently bought himself the chairmanship of the Florida Democratic Party. So much for "progressive."


Good enough. He gets my vote. Remember WT Sherman!


You're not a Democrat so it's none of your business. See if you can find a Green Party cell nearby.


You want free speech? Start your own site.


I think Lrx has your number, alright, alright.


Navel gaze our way through. Got it.


And bill Mather lost his show for saying 9/11 hijackers were not cowards. meaning?


That's great that Keith Ellison wants to ensure voting rights in NC. But if he's serious about corruption, why didn't he start investigating the Clinton campaign shutting opposing Democratic voices and candidates off during the DNC primaries?