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Kelly Telling Aides to Lie That He Took 'Immediate' Action to Fire Accused Wife Abuser: Report


Kelly Telling Aides to Lie That He Took 'Immediate' Action to Fire Accused Wife Abuser: Report

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Amid reports that White House chief of staff John Kelly was fully aware of the domestic violence accusations against Trump staff secretary Rob Porter months ago but opted to do nothing about them, officials told the Washington Post on Friday that Kelly is now pressuring aides to claim he "took act


Can one who is insensate become incensed ? Maybe he has just begun to grow incense in the old garden. You know like president precedents. Is there a wafting of a few pences of patchouli in the offal office? Might be an improvement if there is. So kelly belly is making smelly jelly.

truth serum time… too much too little too late


…tell me who you were with and I’ll tell you who you are…

“…disinformation plagued us like a fog…” Paul Simon

Seems there is a credibility problem, kinda like a cancer in the White House. Oh who to trust? Well, there is me, I trust me, good enough for me. :slight_smile:


As if it wasn’t already ultra obvious, it appears yet again less likely the GOP will win the majority of lady’s votes.


Well we can’t really expect a four-star general to keep accurate measures of a timeline without his Lt. Col. aide-de-camp in attendance, now can we?


This is like a fucking soap opera. Girlfriend supporting the abuser, ex-marine lying to protect this POS. This is just like the apprentice, although I NEVER watched that shit show, but what little I know of the daily soaps this would qualify as a top contender. The whole fucking world is laughing.


Do tell. Isnt this the same man who falsely accused a Congress Woman of doing something she didn’t do


I said before and I’ll say it again…This is not going to end well!!


What is it about ex- Marine Corps officers in Washington DC?
First North, now Kelly, total disgrace to the Corps.

Reddbear, I think you’re right, none of this is going to end well.


think of all the books that are in the works !!


Yes. He was.


What bothers me is what kind of general was he really? He was supposed to be so good, yet he has come out as racist and supporter of abusers. I know that his was a different service, but he reminds me of the military that tolerated Tailhook and so many of the other abuses in the military.

Too many of the top command seem to ignore the abuses so I wonder how much he ignored? Just how good was he really? So far I would rate him as far less than stellar. And I won’t be surprised when in ten twenty years, it comes out about what he tolerated and ignored of abuses in the marines.


There’s no telling. When I was in part of my job was to brief the Division Commanders (usually generals). I always rated them by how they treated non-commissioned officers (NCO). Everybody in the corps knows its the NCO’s that truly run the USMC. The generals treatment of these people, in my mind, told a lot about that persons ability to truly lead.


Exactly what I expect from a marine.


Typical marine behavior from what I can see.


Recon –
Here’s an even scarier idea …
One of the Generals that JFK fired was Edwin G. Walker … (Yep - the guy who it was suggested Oswald had shot a rifle into this home.) He also led the riot at Ole Miss over the enrollment of James Meredith there.
Walker was arrested and psychiatric care recommended.
Later in life, he was arrested twice for lewd behavior with another male.
JFK fired him because he was indoctrinating military troops with right wing material – KKK, Nazi stuff.
About 15 or so years ago, Kay Griggs began to tell us of corruption of our military forces by physical and sexual abuse, including leaders of the military.


Kay Griggs – YouTube
Part I is usually enough, but at the end of the last video she has a lot to say about Council on
Foreign Relations and members.