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Kellyanne Conway Questions Reporter's Ethnicity While Defending President's Latest Racist Remarks

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/16/kellyanne-conway-questions-reporters-ethnicity-while-defending-presidents-latest


Twump to staff:

“Whatever you do, steer the conversation away from Jeffrey Epstein.”

So far, so good…


The only way to stop this goose stepping towards fascism is to execute the fascists.


To paraphrase Frank Zappa…I ain’t black but there’s been lots of times I wish I weren’t white…now is one of those times for me.

“All of our shadows are the same.”


Double duty for TrumpWorld: Incite his racist base, distract from Epstein.

AKA: Another day at the office.


oooohhh, someone really got under the Gaslighter-in-Chief’s skin. GO FOR IT! if Dump doesn’t come unhinged and decompensate soon, maybe we can get collaterals. now that phoockabee-sanders is gone, conway should be next target. she’s just as vile as Dump is. what is her husband’s thing? how can he stomach her??? and as i’ve said before, i really feel for most sorry for her kids. being gaslighted by a parent is no fun, especially when parents are supposed to be your protectors and source of secure love.

does anyone know why press meetings and others are being held outside? (she looked pretty sweaty and miserable; maybe she don’t do either kind of heat well.)


…All I can say is where the fuck is the duct tape, what a vile bitch…


it’s hard to speak with any intelligence when your mouth is wrapped around tRump’s little mushroom.

Kellyanne is an idiot of course, like any and all others who thought hooking for a racist sexual predator was a good career move.


There’s no way to delay that trouble comin’ everyday.

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There’s a hideous festering zit on drumpf’s a$$ by the name of Kellyanne and the media just can’t leave it alone. They gots to poke it and pinch it until it finally pops and all that vile nastiness comes spewing out.


To look into her eyes is so terrifying, Medusa like, that she uses eyelash shades to protect the innocent.

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The proper response to Kellyanne Conway is “Sieg heil!”


History has shown us the way. It’s time to execute. Pun intended.

And Conway has the best Tammy Faye eyelashes I have ever seen.


KKKellyAnne-KKKonway to Trump’s rescue.

Poster girl for the bully looking for a beating.


Okay, cute, I can hear the song in my head now…who did it? Thanks Buddy.

Blowsy hag perfect rep for her party.


Yeah—let her keep talkin’ It’s the best way to know what fukwittery these fukwits are up to.


It’s very, very scary how so many people are not seeing the parallels.

And today Dump, Miller, and the rest of the Nazis violate international AND our laws by implementing a denial of asylum to these miserable migrants and their babies unless certain nigh-impossible conditions are met.

In Europe, people either acquiesed to the Nazis or they went underground. The latter required pride and courage…something missing in Amerika…and in Congress. I’m no newcomer to politics but am amazed at the vile partisanship all over the place today. The craven cowardice rampant in Congress today, with a few exceptions, scares me to my core.


It scares many of us Toni.

We are few.

The many continue to support these worthless excuses for two main political parties.

Outside of a divine intervention that rains down hell fire on these wicked, warmongering so-called politicians, and at the same time lobotimizes the masses who have enabled this madness we call life in America, we might as well do what we can to enroll our friends and family to see the damage their errant votes produce.

Please excuse the rant.

Rants against home-grown fascists and American neo-Nazis ok by me. No apologies needed.

PB, I’m lucky enough to have only one relative, in NJ 1800 miles far from me, who is a benighted Republican and Dumpist. In order to save our relationship, I enacted a pact: NO political anything between us. He’s immovable, and I’m more so. My kid brother, brilliant tho he be, is a Libertarian purist, and there is no way we can discuss anything; at least he’s about as disgusted as we here are, but for far different reasons. Fortunately, he, too, is about 1500 miles away. The only other Dumpist in my life is my 85-y-o next door neighbor, and she just can’t deal with any of the discussions about Dump…weird kinda, because she opposes all the Repugs’ crap on women’s reproductive rights. Go figure…

Did you ever read Dark Money? They are the people who need lobotomies. The voters don’t need brain surgery because…well, ya can’t operate on somethin’ ya don’t have.