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#KellyCards: Twitter Users Go Crazy With Kellyanne Conway's 'Unreal' Flashcards


#KellyCards: Twitter Users Go Crazy With Kellyanne Conway's 'Unreal' Flashcards

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"Surely this is what Twitter was invented for."


Delusion is K.A. Conartist’s middle name.

Neither she or Trump has ever answered a question…they are in delusion mode 24/7.

Goebbels would be green with envy, but proud to see how his pioneering propaganda work has been refined.


See now I feel like crying (well I don’t really but I ought to feel that way and you should too).

This is like having woke up in Bizzaro World and now everybody is being treated as if we were all stupid!

You know what is starting to seem like the most scariest thing? It’s thinking about what it must be like to just be around these horrid people? This grotesque monster has evidently never heard of the word patronizing! Nor the word condescending!

Being talked down to? How about be cue carded down to? She doesn’t just think we are all stupid. She brought cue cards!


Another example of appealing to the base, who apparently cannot comprehend actual language or concepts expressed in complete sentences. A man I knew in the advertising business about 40 years ago told me that commercial ads were designed to appeal to a 12-year-old mentality because dumbing things down to that level sold more product. That was a different age. I believe that 5 years old is the new 12 years old. An inversion of the KISS principle, which now is “keep it stupid, simple”. I am not opposed to simple-mindedness, but these people are so maliciously stupid. What I do know is that Conway was not cueing intelligent citizens, but only Trump’s base, who apparently are incapable of rational thought.


I guess her objective along with her boss is to destroy any shred of dignity or honor that might have been a part of the presidency. Of course, the office has had its share of liars and con artists but this new team seems to be taking things to a new level and I’m not talking upwards. Even though Trump touts himself as a businessman, he and his team don’t seem to have the slightest understanding of professionalism. He is just a two bit con artist, magician, and Conway is kind of like the side kick who stands by his side with the props. They would have been much better in vaudeville but not the oval office.


With heros like Ollie North and Joe Arpaio, what can we expect of these people? they are the guys that get things done - they don’t need to bother with things like the constitution or laws. I’m sure they also love Rambo, Dirty Harry and Charles Bronson’s Paul Kersey. When Donald Trump and his one man con-magic show came to town, they loved the smoke and mirrors. Snake oil sales went over the top. After all - they had the “Trump” brand.


Covfefe? Ms Skankway is so far into the Twilight Zone of alternative facts and trumpisms it boggles the mind - USA, home of the best and brightest…

“Libety or Tranny”!


I suspect that the ‘point’ of all those cue cards was distraction. We get so hung up on Trump administration idiocies that we don’t notice as much of the real ugliness of the Trump administration.


Can’t we have one that reads: SKANK?


Maybe you are right about her addressing Trump’s base. I never watch Hannity’s show, so yeah the people who do watch him got cue cards. Maybe she was right too. Those people at home who support Trump and tune in to Hannity, probably found the cue cards helpful.


In reference to Kellyanne Conway, I must concur “Surely this is what Twitter was invented for”, because Twitter was invented to issue “twits”.


The ugliness is on full display. What amazes (and discourages) me is that Trump supporters keep saying “give him a chance”, as if they expect some great policy in support of working people despite the clear and clearly visible evidence to the contrary. Apparently Trump supporters think* that massive tax cuts for the wealthy, along with the utter destruction of the people’s ability to in any way regulate the behavior of business will somehow benefit them. If they are not that irredeemably stupid, then they must support the idea that government services (including Medicare and Social Security) must be destroyed. Or, perhaps, they hate “liberals” so much that they would prefer to see themselves destroyed along with those pesky communists just for the satisfaction. If ignorance is bliss, Trump supporters are among the happiest people on Earth.


LOL…:rofl: Thanks, I needed that!


Insanity, idiocy, and inanity. Is she trying out for the grade school talent show?


In many instances Trump has done exactly the opposite of what he promised his ardent supporters and they still support him. I think their egos do a lot of their thinking and they hate to admit they were wrong and were seriously duped. Americans have been duped by their government and politicians so long that I guess it becomes expected and is taken for granted. A true idocracy.


This is actually progress. Apparently, some top Trump aides are being sent back to first grade, which they seem to have failed the first time around.


A note of complete inanity in a rising awell of lunacy.
America could organize itself for a national minute of ‘lip lubbering’ and, if directed carefully,
might flood any simgle chosen ‘enema’ - the Norks or Venezuela out of existence in the wave of saliva.
Now there’s a weapon!

No sense wasting that on Asia most of the western part has already been ‘wasted’.


And she iused big words.


KellyAnne makes the mistaken assumption that Trump’s fan base can even read her flash cards. Some of those words are multi-syllabic, which presents an issue for Tump and his fans.


Okay. This isn’t funny any more. Trump’s spokespeople are ignorant crackers (apologies to crackers everywhere). The press is not allowed to use recording devices during “press conferences”, instead having to rely on their written notes - which is obviously done so the administration can later use plausible deniability to refute what the journalists write, and the conferences are not televised to the public - the group (i.e., us) that is supposedly being informed by these press conferences. And it hardly matters because these Trump mouthpieces lie constantly. The military no longer has to tell the public where our troops are being sent or in what numbers (Trump announced that a month or so ago). The Republicans are drafting laws in secret that the Democrats are not allowed to see until the minute they vote; not that it matters, since the R’s don’t need the D votes to do what they want anyway. The State Dept. quit doing daily press briefings as soon as Tillerson came in, so no-one knows what the hell they are doing or why. Whole sections of public information about science, climate change, etc. have been stripped from the websites of government agencies. Presidential Executive Orders are written and signed, but some of them are altered after they’ve been published. You cannot be sure that the final draft says what the WH website shows. Trump’s family is running foreign and domestic policies, but we aren’t told what, exactly, they are doing or what their goals are. Never mind that none of these guttersnipes have any intelligence or experience at anything beyond running bankruptcy schemes and being slumlords, or in Ivanka’s case, selling overpriced merchandise to the wannabe rich and famous. Our UN representative, Nikki Haley, is so utterly vile and unlettered that it’s amazing lightening doesn’t strike her dead during one of her little diatribes; yet she is allowed to speak to the world for the US. The people put in charge of any given agency have no qualifications whatsoever for their jobs (although I suppose one could say that Ben Carson, now the head of HUD, is “qualified” because he has been a homeowner at least once during his lifetime).

The media eggs this sh*t on, teasing Trump that he hasn’t “achieved his legislative goals”. What? They WANT him to get his repulsive plans enacted?

We can all laugh at the spectacle if we want to, but I don’t find it funny any more. I find what is going on alarming. These misanthropes are taking the country down, hard and fast. Right back to the feudal ages, where little children worked in sweatshops, women were nothing but vessels used to produce offspring, serfs had no rights, and all the joyless work performed by the masses was used to simply enrich the already wealthy lords and ladies of the royal court.