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Ken Bone, Online Sensation from Presidential Debate, Works for Coal Company Opposed to Climate Regulations


Ken Bone, Online Sensation from Presidential Debate, Works for Coal Company Opposed to Climate Regulations

Steve Horn, DeSmogBlog

After Kenneth Bone asked a question about energy to presidential nominees Donald Trump and Secretary Hillary Clinton at the presidential town hall debate on October 9, he quickly became a viral internet sensation.


I gagged every time the pre-debate presenters mentioned "democracy" in reference to this dog and pony show sponsored by the duopoly. Is there anything politicians can do better than We the People can?

Direct democracy.


Are we supposed to trust/believe that there was no ulterior motive on the part of the fossil fuel industry, Democratic Party or CNN that has (obviously favored Clinton during the primary and still does) - or any part of the MSM that has been shown to be colluding with Clinton's campaign? Of all the participants in the "debate", the media chooses Mr. Bone to focus on, because of his clothes?? His question and HRC's answer were perfect for the fossil fuel industry while supposedly remaining environmentally friendly, addressing Mr. Bone's concerns. The interview clip that was sent to me showed Mr. Bone's opinion having been shifted slightly to lean toward Clinton - just a coincidence I suppose...


I'm shocked, simply shocked that the fossil fuel interests would do anything unethical to put more money in their pockets.


All these debates are Kabuki Theater. Saw this link in a The Guardian comment section. One of the reasons for our filtered and bias news?



You can vote for the evil one or the other evil one, no stfu.


Martha Raddatz, the warmongers friend, it turns out is also the fossil fuel industry's friend.
When she was asked how the folks in the audience posing the questions to the candidates were vetted she refused to answer.
As did CNN.
There's something rotten in Denmark here.


Recall Joe the Plumber ?

Here we go again.

If Ken Bone is an "online sensation" I guess anybody who signs up for it can get their 15 minutes of fame in this mud wrestling disguised as an election that we are witnessing.


I don't recall Hillory Clinton saying the words "hydraulic fracking." I remember her statement that natural gas would be a bridge fuel while renewables such as solar and wind energy is built. I may have missed these words.


I have no problem with this person asking his question. I thought it was a good question. I do have a problem with the plant where he works spewing waste into the air.
Clinton never said "fracking", or anything like it. She thinks it is a "bridge" fuel". This was her moment to say SOMETHING about the DAPL. That she did not tells us all we need to know. Come November 9, we will be holding that lady's feet to the fire.

Jill Stein for president, 2016.


In America more people are interested in clothes/fashion than actual issues such as global warming/poisoning, war, sustainability, education, jobs, etc. This election cycle has turned into the biggest joke,ever, on the unsuspecting public. We need leaders that are more than just cheerleaders for the corporate giants. We as a nation are in big trouble.


She didn't need to say the words, "hydraulic fracking". Her statement indicating that we need to use natural gas as a bridge fuel is just one indication that she intends to continue to cater to the fracking industry and related donors to her campaign. The increase in availability of natural gas is due to extraction technologies like fracking.


Because he's a Trump supporter.
And a plant.


Aside from him being a white male in the Ohio/Mississippi rivers region, how was it definitively determined that he was a Trump supporter? And, if having a job at a facility that burns fossil fuel or has something to do with fossil fuel, makes one a shill for the fossil fuel industry, then most of us are shills.


So, was Ken Bone a "Plant"?

It certainly looks like it. He's just "Blooming" in ways his bosses must Love.


He supports Hillary, hahaha. (Bone has said he is leaning toward Hillary.)

Well there ya have it folks!

It's over -- we deserve Hillary.

HuffPost is all over this guy


"Sec. Clinton responded by promoting hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) for oil and gas as a “bridge” to renewable fuels"

  • With Bernie well out of the way, she can go back to promoting her original position. Soon she'll be back to promoting the TPP and other right-wing, corporatist positions.


The implication being that there should have been some sort of vetting process in place to ensure that none of the people asking questions were leaning towards Trump going into the debate? Same for Hillary-leaning questioners? If it's a reasonable question (and I thought it was) why should it matter who asks it?

The article here seems to be proposing that people who have any sort of stake in the outcome of this election shouldn't be allowed to ask questions pertaining to matters which could directly affect them. That's just nuts. It isn't a "conflict of interest" to be asking questions to find out what the candidate positions are on policies that you care about, or want, or which could have a major impact on your life. That is just trying to vote in support of your interests--which is how the system, ideally, was supposed to work.

I realize there's this widespread perception now that smarty voters vote against candidates who hold positions they actually agree with and who are most committed to fighting for the policies they want, but I think that very perception is a major contributing factor to our system being so broken.


Ken Bone? Wasn't he a porn "actor"?


Did you actually read the post?
Or do any actual research at any other source before making your comment?