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'Kenosha Doesn't Need to See a Repeat of Portland,' Warns ACLU After Trump Orders Federal Agents to Wisconsin

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/26/kenosha-doesnt-need-see-repeat-portland-warns-aclu-after-trump-orders-federal-agents

What Federal buildings are they protecting in Kenosha? Perhaps they are backing up the armed white militia?


TYT is showing the video of this guy who killed two people----he walks past the police and leaves—why are we hearing about these armed malitias now??? Republicans have created this climate.


All of this is the inevitable outcome of a nation founded on violence, genocide and slavery. It has been in the making since the damned white monsters set foot on this continent. And Trump is the perfect figure head to be sitting on the throne as it all burns to the ground. The oligarchs are only too happy to sit back and watch as the citizens tear each other apart now. They’ve stolen trillions and will get even more, and they could care less as they sit in their gated compounds and yachts watching what amounts to them as a reality tv show in their sociopathic little minds. The USA is entering its final days now.


The structure of the U.S.A. is completely rotted out from the corruption in Washington DC and the moral filth on Wall Street. If people are serious about stopping lawlessness, they should begin by driving the ruling classes into the sea.

Better the world be (metaphorically) “blind” than literally uninhabitable - you all keep getting slaughtered if you want to; im giving myself a fighting chance against vigilantes like this or the ones that murdered Arbery. Not interested in being your martyr.

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IF that’s the case I’d better sell my house now and get back to Oregon. That’s where I’d prefer to make my stand

Kenosha is a very small town on the Lake. Very Blue Collar and mixed demographic of Black Hispanic and White.

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That’s the astonishing part – he just leaves, with everyone yelling at the police that this is the guy who just killed some people. I’m reminded of the old comma-joke about the misbehaving Koala who eats, shoots, and leaves. Police offered these kooks bottled water for their service, so in the case of your pubescent fascist boychild: he drinks, shoots, and leaves.

With the chief describing his little pretend-deputy’s role out after curfew, pitching in? If this doesn’t immediately provoke a symmetrical escalation of the resistance, there’s not much left of this country.

LeBron James sounds like he’s about ready for a general strike at this point: Sick of it.

James also said in a post-game interview Monday night that he believes firearms are “a huge issue in America,” because they are not only used for sport. "For Black people right now, we think you’re hunting us,” he said.

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More BLM protestors need to form armed militias in this age of gun rights.

Peaceful protest is awesome.
But staring down and if necessary, shooting down, white power vigilantes is now essential as well.
Law enforcement has proven themselves to be nothing more than tools of the oligarchic structure.
As such, it’s extremely difficult to trust their motives, tactics, and allegiances.
The “bad apple” argument applied to the po-po is being replaced by “presume the worst.”

Reallocate! De-esecalate! If necessary, Retaliate!

I’m sure most of us here at CD know it, but I hope it is now clear to the general population, we have turned the corner towards an authoritarian coup as evidenced by the shooter being able to walk freely into the police lines after shooting demonstrators and militia members being offered drinking water and encouragement from the police. In addition, reports indicate the police coordinated with the militia to herd the protesters towards the militia and then leave so that whatever could follow. The right wing knuckle dragging public is HEAVILY armed in this country and if teamed up with police and an authoritarian president and party, there only remains the military to stop the coup. I’m not confident the military hasn’t been infiltrated and co opted. We are in deep trouble.


That is an understatement. Society is collapsing before our very eyes now.

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The ACLU of Wisconsin added that “sending federal law enforcement to Kenosha will only make matters worse.”

Yes, but that is exactly what Trump wants to make matters worse! When Trump and Pence say they are about “law and order” they really mean: WHITE SUPREMACIST LAW AND FASCIST ORDER!

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NYT had an article in the opinion page----the Colfax riot—a sign reads " three white men dead and 150 negroes were slain. This event on April 13 1873 marked the end of carpetbag misrule in the south." What happened is that three white men were convicted for this—it went to the Supreme Court—The Supreme Court freed these men and sent the message it was fine to go after freed slaves----This should be in every history book----The Supreme Court ingnited a whole history of hate an violence that continues to this day.

People don’t have to let Trump make it worse though, it’s important to remember that. Nixon got his jollies off incitement on the 6:00 news, as in with his trip to San Jose during a large anti-Vietnam war protest. Let him do his thing, don’t give him the photo opportunity to spread his chaos-agent message.

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