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Kentucky County Clerk Jailed for Refusing to Issue Same Sex Marriage Licenses


Kentucky County Clerk Jailed for Refusing to Issue Same Sex Marriage Licenses

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

A federal judge on Thursday found Kim Davis, a Kentucky county clerk who has refused to issue same-sex marriage licenses, in contempt of court by and ordered her to jail.

Reuters reports that

Davis has refused to issue licenses to any couples, gay or straight, since the U.S. Supreme Court in June ruled that same-sex couples have the right to marry under the U.S. Constitution, citing her beliefs as an Apostolic Christian.


First of all she still has a job because she was elected by the people of Henderson County KY. You do believe in Democracy Now! don't you?
Secondly, people choose to live in a particular area for many reasons and would not want to be anywhere near other areas for just as many reasons.


Not yet being sure how the comments might go on this thread, my first hunch tells me that there will be many who think "it serves her right". I also suspect that many of these same people, if asked wouid not have had the same reaction to the jailing of such principled "criminals" as Tim DeChristopher or Sandra Steingraber. And they would not even see the extent of their own hypocrisy on this issue.
The issue I am talking about is not homosexual marriage, it is the principled protest of conscience that recognizes some higher moral or ethical authority than the latest pronouncements of the Supreme or any other court.
Now let's see what happens if the Governor of Kentucky (as did the Governor of Alabama with Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore) dismisses Ms Davis from her elected position as County Clerk and appoints someone else to do her job. Will Kentuckians in Henderson County (as did Alabamians in the Roy Moore case) reelect Ms. Davis to her job?
Ms Davis (as were DeChristopher and Steingraber) is the canary in the coal mine and if anything remotely like the scenario I have depicted above happens, what will be the reaction of the Common Dreamers then? Will they stand up for Democracy Now! and let the will of the people rule? Or (like the pig in Orwell's Animal Farm) will they affirm that "all are created equal, but some are more equal than others". Progressives, your convictions (or your hypocrisy regarding same) are on display, what will your answer be?


...For the bluegrass country and the thoroughbred breeding farms as well as any number of TB rescue and retirement farms, Churchill Downs, and the International Museum of the Horse at Lexington. Otherwise, cannot see other reasons right off hand.


As the judge said, she took an oath of office to carry out the duties of that office regardless of her personal beliefs. Ralph Reed is loving this and may just be paying her legal fees (Faith and Freedom Coalition). She will not "lose her place in heaven" (her words) if she simply resigns and goes to work for Reed where her beliefs will be supported everyday. By the way, Davis has been married four times...so much for other vows she has made and broken....


I think Savage is right, she's after the wingnut welfare that will come after she's let out of jail, and her job. She'll ride the circuit telling all about how she's been 'oppressed', and that they should 'do something' to help out.

by giving her 'organization' money, of course.

All hail corruption.


removing post for the moment


It would resemble a Möbius strip. Elect her again and again but she still has to take an oath of office to uphold the law. Eventually a court says enough is enough, you are making a mockery out of democracy and the office and cuts the strip. Democracy can be distorted or there may be attempts to distort it. But in this case the majority as voted into a law of the land, and greater good should prevail. That is a benefit of having a federal govt keeping state and local govt in check. Rights are not to be taken for granted and must be continuously fought for to keep, especially against crackpots with lots of money and political savvy and distorted religious beliefs with God on their side.


This Moibus strip of which you write is not the electorate in Henderson County KY, it is the democratic process as your following passage indicates:

"Democracy can be distorted or there may be attempts to distort it. But in this case the majority (h)as voted into a law of the land, and greater good should prevail."

Ms Davis represents the pure democratic process at work. The supreme court decision which legitimized homosexual marriage represents rule by decree from a group of appointed people who once in the office have tenure for the rest of their lives (kind of like "president for life" in places like Latin America or Singapore).

That is the conundrum faced by progressives in general and particularly the Democratic party of KY since Ms Davis was elected as a Democrat and the last thing that Democrats want is anything less than the friendliest party to homosexuals possible since they will need every vote they can get in the coming democratic elections.

Further and finally, the distortion of democracy about which you also comment is the existence of both courts and political parties which do not reflect the will of the people. The politicians need their votes in order to legitimize their own existence. The supreme court does not.


Kim reread your New Testament. It's there to show where the Old Testament needs revision
Pretty sure "Render unto Ceasar that which is Ceasar's"....covers the point in the vernacular.
Do your job. Issue the licenses or move out.


all government jobs can have responsibilities that could require an elected official to do something that they totally disagree with. Providing for a way to protect against requiring someone to do an act against conscience is also important. What if, as a government employee you were required to sign the death statement and push the button to end a convicted criminal's life. But you are against the Death Penalty would you do your job? Do you want a government to put you in jail if you refused to push the button. Can you think of other instances that you don't want the government to control.