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Kentucky GOP Supermajority Just Gutted Women's, Workers' Rights


Kentucky GOP Supermajority Just Gutted Women's, Workers' Rights

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Republicans, now wielding total control of the Kentucky state legislature for the first time in nearly a century, exerted their power this weekend to pass a slew of measures that weaken workers' and women's rights.


But liberals keep telling me there are no differences between the two parties.

This year has proven to me over and over again that bourgeois liberals just don't care about workers at all and are just as dismissive as anyone else when it comes to women (which is a nice way of saying that they're misogynists).


If it was not for history showing us their equals, it would be hard to imagine a more vile group of sociopaths than the republican party.


Wha? Republicans passed the legislation. Not liberals. There is a majority in the House and Senate.


I'd like to say that I'm very glad I don't live in Kentucky anymore, but this is happening all over the country - anywhere where the GOP has taken total control over their legislatures. It's already happened in North Carolina, Ohio, Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, and the list goes on and on... Now that they know that Washington or the Supreme Court won't try to stop them, they'll just keep on going and going until they've taken everything they can.


No consciences, no compassion, and no brains. Were it not for the thoroughbred breeding industry, the tourism surrounding the industry, bourbon production, and coal mines (closing rapidly, thank heavens), Kentucky would be a state to race on through, the faster the better. Nothing like misogyny and villainy running a state...into the ground.


Haven't you heard, it's all the Neolibs fault?! Maybe the Clintons too. I mean, Thomas Frank will find a way to tell us in his next book, which will be gospel here at Common Dreams.


Bourgeois "liberals" are just selfish elites. That's it.


Maybe the workers will leave Kentucky- that would be smart and go to a more progressive area. Then the rethugs can hire illegal immigrants. Oh the horror!


Taking everything souds sociopathic to me.


Were it not for the immigrants (documented and undocumented), the thoroughbred breeding farms, racing stables, and training facilities would be defunct. The farms, stables, and training facilities are all warned before "La Migra" will be inspecting so they have time to hide the workers. (Millionaire owners have all the "connections.") I know this from my personal experience as an assistant trainer (thoroughbred racing). Mexican workers have a calming, loving way with horses, especially the high-strung thoroughbred racehorses.


Good grief- to have dollar bills where there should be a soul makes someone a dullard.


A state that picks on its own workers will end up with nothing because very few will have money to spend.


Also non union workers should never have the priviledges that a dues paying member has. That is the whole idea of a union. Stupid southern right to work state.


Independent of mass organizing efforts outside the electoral/political arena (strikes, demos etc.) my hope is that the repubs will overreach so badly that they get really clobbered in the next election cycles. This would require that even in their own gerrymandered districts, there is a voter rebellion. (Ain't there white working class Repubs who need social security?)


Maybe they believe their religions will take care of them


Dollar bills only warm those dullards when they are burned (the dollars, of course).


Sadly that is true, but it does not fix stupid


Maybe it will. Probably secret devil worshippers.


And they probably secretly get abortions for their daughters and girlfriends also!