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Kentucky Gov. Signs Law Greenlighting Discrimination Against LGBTQ Students


Kentucky Gov. Signs Law Greenlighting Discrimination Against LGBTQ Students

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Essentially codifying hate speech, Kentucky Governor Mike Bevin signed into law on Monday a bill that gives individuals, including students, license to make hateful statements about someone based on their "religious or political viewpoints."

Passed under the guise of bolstering "religious freedom in public schools," SB17 claims to "protect rights of individual students to express their religious views without fear of punishment," as the conservative Liberty Counsel wrote in a statement hailing the move.


And the nasty side of the Southern slavery mentality is "rising again and again and again' ad infinitum. DJT has opened the gates for and handed legitimacy to the hatemongers, racists, misogynists, nationalists, xenophobes, white supremacists, homophobes, et alia and it will be a long time rounding them up and putting them back in the deep, dark, inaccessible recesses of hell where they belong.

The closeted Confederate flag wavers are seeing the "South rising again."


Kentucky was a neutral state. And the KKK had its largest membership in Indiana and central Pennsylvania.


You say "had?"

Hate groups in Kentucky: http://247wallst.com/special-report/2015/07/09/10-states-with-the-most-hate-groups/2/ Kentucky is #8 in the top ten list of states with hate groups with 23 as of 2015.

It may have been "neutral" and did not officially "secede" during the Civil War because the state did a lot of business with Ohio and other Union states. In spite of their "neutrality" Governor Johnson was more Confederate than Union. And Kentucky is one of the "stars" in the Confederate flag.


The more freedom, the better. Je suis, Charlie Brown.


Ahhh ... this is great! I could wear my favorite T-shirt because I would be expressing my right of religious free speech. My T-shirt says:

Religion has actually convinced
people that there's an invisible man
-- living in the sky -- who watches
everything you do, every minute of
every day. And the invisible man has
a special list of ten things he does
not want you to do. And if you do
any of these ten things, he has a
special place, full of fire and smoke
and burning, and torture and anguish
where he will send you to live and
suffer and burn and choke and
scream and cry forever and ever 'til
the end of time! But ... He loves you.
-- George Carlin

I love it -- a free pass to make fun of Xtians!

Do you see how this works? The Governor is a moron. Wouldn't teaching tolerance and acceptance of all people have a better chance of success?


Would the real Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Woodstock, or (ahem) Peppermint Patty be ok with this "Charlie Brown Bill?" I don't think so! Call the Charles Schultz Museum, in free-thinking Santa Rosa, California, and perhaps the museum will take a stand against this usurpation of poor ole long-suffering Charlie Brown's name:

Charles Schultz Museum
(707) 579-4452


Kentucky sent about 100,000 troops to fight for the Federals, but only about 25,000 - 40,000 to fight for the Confederates.


My comment was made in reference to the article...having lived in Kentucky at one point, I can attest to the thinly veiled mien of the Southern brand of discrimination as a victim thereof. There is a reason that present-day Kentucky is in the top ten in the number of hate groups in their state, sad to say because I do love the horses!

On another note, the KKK still spouts bible verses before its meetings and sorties into neighborhoods for non-KKKristian motives.


Being neutral seems to have the advantage of backing the winner in the final rounds. As it became clear the south would be defeated is it not reasonable to expect Kentucky militia to join up with the Union rather than die defending Dixie?


I'm pretty sure they are shooting for a set up where only those who HAVE religious belief are allowed free speech, You know, to protect them from comedians. Laughter is the real hate speech. If you have a sense of humor you're a sinner. And a chuckle is just the devil coaxing your soul out of your belly so demons can possess you, that why hyena's are soulless cannibals.


As I was watching bits and pieces of Neil Gorsuch yesterday on CNN, especially concerning religious free speech, your comment perfectly expresses my take-away when deciphering his between-the-lines programmed response. According to Gorsuch's perspective, theists are the ones who are being denied full expression of (religious) free speech. Of course this totally ignores all the churches populating our communities and that Jehovah's Witnesses are free to disrupt people's lives with their "spreading of the word" all over the world.

Not only will I, an Atheist, not be allowed to speak against religion (especially Xtianity), I fully believe a list of "approved" religions could be established to which the freedom of (religious) free speech would be applicable.

How is this different from ISIS or the Taliban?

When the "right" talks about freedom, we must understand that they are referring to freedoms within the boundaries established by the ruling class -- freedoms that will not threaten the structure, hierarchy and authority of the ruling class. Individual freedom to resist against the "established freedoms" will not be tolerated.

In other words, you will be free to be compliant and obedient.


'To the stockade with these criminal mother fuckers'. These ReThugliCons are a pack of assholes and should be tarred and feathered and then a long walk off a short pier.