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Kentucky Lurches Right After New Governor's Regressive Rampage


Kentucky Lurches Right After New Governor's Regressive Rampage

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Capitulating to the demands of the infamous Kim Davis is not all the newly-anointed Kentucky governor is up to these days.

Less than one month after taking office, Republican Governor Matt Bevin late Tuesday issued a series of executive orders that rolled back the minimum wage, stripped tens of thousands of their right to vote, and sent the state spiraling into regressive new territory.


Yep, the dirty South is gonna rise again!


Gov Matt Bevin sums up where we are and where we are going. His executive orders perfectly capture the political logic of neoliberalism:
--the willingness to placate right wing religious zealots like Kim Davis in order to have their vote
--the desire to disenfranchise the citizenry as much as possible, leaving only a core of brainwashed "good Americans"
--the drive to keep the working-class under capitalist control, by deflating wages and making people fight hard for the resulting crumbs.
---the use of racism to divide and conquer

No doubt Bevin, will get around to banning abortions and criminalizing gay marriage. Whatever works to keep the rubes following is good sound policy. If Bevin is a "Tea Party darling" this makes him a useful idiot the real rulers of the United States, the 1%. To borrow from Thomas Frank, what's the matter with Kentucky?


Is Kaisich's Ohio the south? Is Rick Snyder's Michigan the south? Is Scott Walker's Wisconsin the south?

Take your Yankee-or West Coast chauvinism elsewhere.


This Kentucky election was reputedly one of the stolen elections.

Reputedly stolen elections are typically characterized by wild discrepancies between pre-election polls and actual votes counted, where those same types of polls have been notably consistent with actual votes counted in a great number of similar states and over a great number of election periods. They also typically have black box election machines that count the votes with no paper backup, which makes insider election fraud dead easy.


If ever vigilante justice was appropriate. After all, isn't that what the gov and davis are doing?


Well, the people of Kaintucky voted for this clown, so he must be what they wanted. Just as long as he stays far, far from here....


Not all of us did. I voted for Drew Curtis, the independent who actually had reasonable answers to the state's problems. Was one of about 4% who did, sadly.

The last time we had a Republican governor (Ernie Fletcher), he was mired in scandal. How soon they forget...


You left out Kansas, Florida, Texas. Even if the Democrat didn't win there, we know they lost with much smaller margins than reported. Allison Grimes, for example. There were more suspicious GOP victories.


Have investigations been done into the KY gubernatorial election?


Good point! And how about that farthest north state... Alaska, which gave us the pistol packin mama, Governor, Sarah Palin.And the fact that McCain choose her for V.P. proves, without a doubt that he is insane!


Keep your eyes on this guy. He may be groomed for the GOP.
If he treats the people of KY in this manner, the protection of the environment will fare no better.
The owners of the Coal Mines are celebrating no doubt.