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Kentucky's Largest Newspaper Endorses Progressive Charles Booker in Senate Race, Rejecting Corporate Democrats' Preferred Centrist

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/11/kentuckys-largest-newspaper-endorses-progressive-charles-booker-senate-race


Did anyone see Amy McGrath’s fumble of an answer to why she wasn’t out protesting police brutality?

Krystal Ball has a video of it at The Hill.
McGrath is everything wrong with the d-party.
And while I hope Booker beats her, neither stands a chance against Moscow Mitch.

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If that’s the case Skeptic, then the establishment ISN’T ready to be changed. And they have the power, the money, and the votes, so far.

I wonder how much the flag issue will come into play in Kentucky.

What flag issue?

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Kentucky has a large newspaper, a colonel of chicken, an orange car general, and a turtle HEAD of the senate.

“Moscow Mitch” is so…Cold War. We’re all biz partners and free traders here in the 21st Neo-Liberal E-CONomic Century. I mean we’ve learned that GREED IS GOOD and that any way to a fortune is the right way. Yet, we’re all in it together, even U.S. cut-throat businesspersons…How’s about “Mandarin Mitch”?


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I think the polls have been showing that even a generic Democrat could beat McConnell – but definitely Booker is the better choice. I’m grateful to hear of his strong support within the state – at least one other major newspaper endorsement, 17 of his fellow state legislators, including those in leadership positions endorsed him— and surprisingly enough Common Defense, the Veterans’ political organization endorsed him over veteran Amy McGrath, citing his stand on climate change, racial justice, healthcare – and ending the Forever War.

Go Booker… I’m on board!

I’m on board, too. Just made a donation.