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Kenya’s Garissa Attack Wasn’t Just a Tragedy. It Was Blowback


Kenya’s Garissa Attack Wasn’t Just a Tragedy. It Was Blowback.

David Zarembka

The old anti-war song, “Where Have All the Flowers Gone?” has the refrain “When will they ever learn?” That’s what came to mind after al-Shabaab’s ghastly April 2 assault at Garissa University in northeastern Kenya, not too far from the Somali border. The attackers killed nearly 150 people.

This wasn’t just a security failure — in part, it was blowback. Sadly, innocent Kenyans are paying the price for their government’s actions in Somalia.


For goodness sake, this is not the fault of the US. This refrain is tiresome. The fault lies in the venality of the states in the region. The blowback in question stems for the people's rejection of that and their yearning for the, misleading, simplicity and clarity of this kind of fundamental Islam. Stop looking at your belly button in this grandiose views of the US as omnipotent evil which is no different from the benighted view of the US as being the bearer of freedom's banner.


I am not sure which article you are referring to, but this specific article is talking about the governments invasion in Somalia and its response to the terror attacks, it has nothing to do with the US.