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Kerry Slams Israeli Settlements But Strong Words Are 'No Plan At All'


Kerry Slams Israeli Settlements But Strong Words Are 'No Plan At All'

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

In a lengthy speech delivered with less than a month until he leaves office, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on Wednesday warned that Israeli settlement building is a dire threat to peace in the Middle East.


Far too little way too late.....


Lawrence O'Donnell's "The Last Word"
Poll Shows Obama Did What Jewish Voters Want On U.N. Resolution On Illegal Israeli Settlements!


Way to go John Kerry! That needed saying for 10+ years! Democratic state or Jewish state you are not and cannot be both to the people who's families were killed and land taken from them so the Jews could have their historic homeland. Want to live in peace toing forward? Choose real democracy not a hyphenated one.

Trump is an idiot windbag with nothing of substance in thought, deed, or tweet whatsoever. Only a waste of a human being doesn't get what Kerry said. Netanyahu is not helping his people with his belligerence.


US Democratic Party Political mantra: Change (words) on the outside, continuity on the inside. The Democratic pols will gladly take this theatrical "hit" to kick the can down the road and you can also be certain they will point towards it to absolve themselves of any and all responsibility the next time blood is shed (and there will, unfortunately, be a next time).


Seems like withholding 38 billion in military aid would give US some teeth


The Israeli government has literally been getting away with murder for too long. Yes, let us break the stranglehold Israel has had on both parties. There are tons of American Jews who get it and have split and are ready to split with Bibi. Jews should be guilty of doing to Palestinians what Nazis did to them. People around the world are tired of the double standard. People want justice, not blind support regardless of what a nation like Isreal does.

The whole two-state solution seems to have been simply a ruse to delay and delay until more and more illegal settlements and walls could be built on occupied territory.

Bib and Trump are tow peas in a pod.


Please, make that Zionists, not Jews. There are many Jews worldwide, both inside and outside Israel, who are not guilty, but abhor what the Zionists state has done, and is doing, to the Palestinians.


First time ever the US has shown some courage to stand up to Israel. Anything that makes Netanyahu mad can't be bad.


Trump's spitting into the wind will fall on his face. The world cannot accept business as usual and.continue to turn a blind eye on Israeli crimes. Israel has been overplaying it's US card for too long walking next to the big dog USA but the big dog is now too old to protect little yupee dog ISISARAEL.


Our media have done a grave public disservice in their refusal to consider the other side of the story.

Dare to consider the broader perspective. Israel is a tiny country, roughly the size of New Jersey, one of our smallest states. It's the historic and modern homeland of the Jews, the sole Jewish nation, surrounded by vast, oil-rich Arab countries. Each of these Arab nations are armed to the teeth by China, Russia, and the US. It takes everything Israel has got, just to survive.

"Palestinians" are Israeli Arabs who have been grotesquely exploited in the efforts to crush out Israel. They can remain in Israel, or leave. Each lives within easily traveling distance of an Arab border. When they attack Israeli Jews, the issue tends to be swept under the carpet by US media. When Israel hits back, Americans are outraged! (A fact that's rather ironic, in view of our extreme retaliation for 9/11.)

In recent decades, Israel already ceded two big chunks of the country, as parts of peace agreements that were promptly violated by the Arab states. There simply isn't enough land to give up any more. John Kerry, a solid part of the right wing of the Dem Party, toes the party line, hoping to soothe the oil producing states. I would suggest that Democrats pay a little more attention to how deeply they have split Americans (and certainly, the Dem voting base) apart since the 1990s, pitting us against each other by class and race, since this issue actually is at the heart of this country's impending collapse.


What do you think Zionism is? It's about the right of Jews to have and maintain the historic and modern Jewish nation of Israel. The right to survive. Israel is the sole Jewish nation, surrounded by oil-rich Arab nations that seek a 100% "pure" Moslem Mideast. Arabs can and do live in peace within Israel. Palestinians are those who have effectively been recruited to destroy the Jewish nation.


For many years I have been harping about how the US makes it unnecessary for Israel to compromise with the Palestinians or anyone else for that matter. It has been standing behind Israel wrong or right for decades and this unquestioning support has dragged "peace" talks on for umpteen years with no resolution in sight. Why should Israel settle when the US will keep all the results of not settling at bay?


The most effective way forward now is for Palestinian citizens of Israel to launch a concerted campaign for full equality. That would resonate in the Western World, incentive plans for a 2SS and demonstrate to other Palestinians the power of nonviolence.


I flash back to the lame duck period of George Bush Jr. Israel launches "cast lead" a blatant war crime, bombing the people of Gaza with glee, little Jewish girls writing cute little Hebrew phrases on the bombs destined to kill Palestinian children. Bush says nothing, Obama says nothing and the bombs don't stop until the day before Obama is inaugurated.

Now eight years later, at least Israel is not bombing Gaza, and Kerry/Obama come out with the most tepid of condemnations. I have to say, I don't see Trump putting up with a Nuttyyahoo temper tantrum. I don't see Trump letting that little tin pot creep speak in front of the congress and get 26 standing ovations. (I hope)


Oh, please. I know from your past posts regarding Israel that you subscribe to the Hasbara line, so we have nothing to discuss if you wish to continue with that. I just hope that one day you will open your eyes and mind to the reality of Israel. Try reading Witness in Palestine, written by Anna Baltzer, granddaughter of a Holocaust survivor. She's spent a lot of time in Palestine, and knows the truth of what's transpiring in Palestine/Israel. There is a wealth of other sources as well.


That should be enough to make the greedy Zionist monsters behave themselves, but they want all of everything given to them, simply because they created a god that put them above all others of mankind.


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Faces Criminal Investigation For Fraud & Bribery


DHFabian, that's what I used to tell people until I found out what the Jewish people are doing to Palestinians in order to maintain the state of Israel. They are doing exactly what the U.S. did to American Indians. Why is the U.S. permitting Israel to make the same mistake we did? That mistake has brought us untold sorrow. No one is saying that Israel should not exist, but it must exist in peace with Palestinians.

Also, please stop saying that Arab nations want a Muslim Middle East. You are pushing an anti-Muslim agenda. I could as easily say that Israel wants a Jewish Middle East. Neither statement would be true, though, would it?


Let's test our capacity to view this conflict through objective eyes. Doing so involves acknowledging objective facts such as:
The leader of Palestinian Arabs (the Grand Mufti) in the Nazi era approved of Hitler's final solution because it would eliminate Jews who might otherwise settle in the Middle East.
The Mufti sought Hitler's assistance in carrying out a similar final solution against Jews living in the ancient Jewish homelands in the Middle East. He was BFFs with Eichmann.

Fatah regards the Grand Mufti as the founding father of an all-Arab Palestine and continues to embrace his legacy, which includes pogroms in the 20s and 30s targeted at Jews living in the ancient Jewish homeland.

Does any of this history lend credence to the charge that Fatah doesn't sincerely embrace the right of Israel to exist? And that the settlements issue is an excuse for Fatah to walk away from just and fair two-state solutions hammered out in the recent past? And that the "right of return" is arbitrary and unjust for its evasion of the historical fact that Jews were forced off the land before Arabs were?