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Kerry Warns of Break Up of Syria; But Is That Realistic?


Kerry Warns of Break Up of Syria; But Is That Realistic?

Juan Cole

Amid ongoing talks in Geneva around a cessation of hostilities in Syria, Secretary of State John Kerry said Wednesday night in a joint telephone call with other diplomats, “It may be too late to keep it as a whole Syria if we wait much longer.”


The chess pieces will be moved until a secure pipeline route for Qatari gas to Europe is developed. TPTB don't really care too much about the details other than ensuring that no power arises capable of challenging the hegemony.


"While Russia may be able to bomb them into submission" The US called it Shock and Awe.


Partitioning Syria has been Plan B all along.
But back then Plan A was eliminating Assad altogether.
Partitioning Syria was Plan B only if "pushing Assad into the sea" failed.
See "A Clean Break - A New Strategy For Securing The Realm" (1996)


By announcing the need for a Plan B, just moments after Plan A was signed and just days before the ceasefire is to come into effect, Kerry telegraphs the message to anyone who wants Syria partitioned, "Just make sure this ceasefire doesn't work and you'll get your partition."

And sure enough, just today Erdogan announced Turkey has no intention of honoring the ceasefire. If Turkey can build a corridor through Syria to northern Iraq the strategic objective of "A Clean Break" will have been accomplished - driving a Sunni wedge between Syria and its Shia ally Iran, and cutting off Iranian supplies to Hezbollah by way of Syria, one of Israel's objectives in backing this plan. And, as others have pointed out, the Gulf States could build their natural gas pipeline from the Persian Gulf to Turkey and then sell to the European market, enriching the Gulf States et al at the Russian's expense, while simultaneously undercutting Iran's plans to sell gas from the same massive field that lies under the Persian Gulf.


I've heard that the Empire's plan is now to bleed the Russians out for months or years with things like these kinds of fake ceasefires. Just grind them down slowly; keep pouring men and weapons in from Turkey until Putin cries uncle and accedes to the partition the Empire desires.

It's not in Putin's nature to fall into a bear trap like this, however. At some point he might just start leveling huge swathes of joint CIA/Al Quaeda/ISIS territory with tactical nukes, without even announcing their use.

There's only one way out of this clusterfuck that doesn't end in World War III: the U.S. and Israel stop jerking off about destroying Syria and fuck off.


Notice it's never the legally-elected government of Assad, but the Assad "regime", or the recovered areas instead of "reconquered" areas. To say Syria should worry that bombing would create a "sullen population" is to ignore that, if the West were to be dictated by the same concerns, it would never have bombed Belgrade, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, etc. Still, times are bad for commentators and people would write what they're required to write to place food on the table.