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Kerry's Endorsement of Biden Fits: Two Deceptive Supporters of the Iraq War

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/12/06/kerrys-endorsement-biden-fits-two-deceptive-supporters-iraq-war


Articles like this show why the Dems have such poor credibility. They are no different than the Republicans in their immoral stances.


Well, well, well, the war parties are in competition again.
Surprise, surprise, surprise.


“Nothing would fundamentally change.”

Give Byedone credit, his comment is actually the kind of change we can believe in…Coming from him.


Is Kerry still married to the Hunt Foods billion-heiress? Three guesses on his position re. Bernie’s wealth tax.


Angela Merkel has visited Auschwitz, Poland, in a highly symbolic gesture, before she is forced from office.

We are losing the most sane politician in Europe.

I can’t help contrasting this remarkable woman with the two politicians featured here, Biden & Kerry.

What proof does the electorate need to see the vacuous front that these two ‘politicians’ represent ?


Nice mode, we needed the reminder


Thanks Norm, but you know about the birds of a feather
flocking together;
but do you wonder if all the Trump media entertainment isn’t
drowning out Bernie’s Progressive message? And to what end?
Except that Pelosi and the like get voice to their deceptions.


I agree with Solomon that there is a very good chance that Biden will be the the Demo pick to run against Biden. What we are seeing in Iowa with Democratic voters is a sample of how much of the party faithful tend to vote outside of progressive areas. The fact that No Change Joe and a shameless corporate sellout like Buttigieg continue to get traction in Iowa shows how little facts and issues matter to these voters. Yes the media and the elitist party establishment bear some of the blame, bit so do voters who continue to vote on personality, stage presence, charisma and appearance instead of issues. We can deride Trump supporters for being easily conned and duped, but there are plenty of Democratic voters waiting to get plucked, too.


No surprise. Kerry is a warmongering neoliberal neocon – another example of everything that is wrong with corporate democrats.


Not completely accurate. Republicans are more honest in representing themselves and their positions.


What a pile of horseshit considering the number of contenders in the national primary and, other obvious ( except to blind squirrels ) peculiarities in this POTUS sweepstakes chase. Klobuchar is from Minnesota ( can you follow a map ) and has ties to Iowa, of course. The caucus vote is split and fractured but will coalesce quickly enough, if you’re willing to pay attention, etc.
Your broadsides show your prejudices without to much effort, or danger, even to 83 yr. old Republican farmer who asked a reasonable question of a candidate. A question Old Joe doesn’t have an answer for, yet. Kerry doesn’t have an answer, either and, he was S. of S. during this time period. It’s not hard too connect the dots. Kerry is as phony as Biden but is not currently running for POTUS. Though he could be auditioning for VP, as are many candidates in this race.
Try to keep up, please.

Meanwhile another deception in play as Western nations ramp up the war talk on Iran.

We are constantly subjected to this stuff , day in and day out and the same environment that led to the based on lies Iraq war exists as we speak. This goes beyond Kerry and Biden or any other Politician that voted to support the Iraq war. Western Society is locked into perpetual warfare mode and has been for over 100 years.


Byedone is running fourth in Iowa. Same as New Hampshire.

His entire campaign rests on winning S. Carolina and the rest of the South on the votes of older black voters.

As for Byedone and Mayo Pete’s support, there are lots of conservative Democrats and ultimately they control the party. ByeDone isn’t hiding from being corporate friendly, I actually give him credit for being honest about it.


He’s married to Teresa Heinz, heir to the Heinz business. Both Kerry and Biden’s son’s, Chris and Hunter, are involved in some pretty shoddy activities involving Rosemont Seneca with foreign governments. They make the Bush Families corruption lame by comparison.


These two corrupt jackasses belong together. Kerry’s stepson was in on the Chinese deal that Bidens son was involved. Also of note Kerry had to be one of the worst candidates for President ever run by the Democrats.



woooooo, I’m fucking impressed. A loser endorsing a loser.


Perpetual warfare is just the tool of the global oligarchs to build the Global Empire run out of the USA. and also receive massive profits from the war making machine they control. And this has been going on for a whole lot longer than 100 years.


I think maybe HRC in 2016 might tie Kerry with the worst candidate in modern history.


Both Kerry and Biden should be on Trial in the Hague for War Crimes against Humanity and serving time in Jail.

There is no way that Biden is qualified for the Presidency.

He lacks the Judgement in Foreign Affairs and he Lacks the Empathy for our Fellow Human Beings.

What Sane person could have supported W’s barbaric Slaughter of Thousands of Innocent Iraqi Civilians?

Why was Bernie able to see the Lies behind the Shock & Awe Invasion of Iraq and voted against that Horrific Massacre?

Since the Obama/Biden administration deported Millions of Immigrants, I have no doubt that he would be much tougher on our Central American Neighbors than the Bigoted, Sadistic Trump.

Kerry has every right to support whomever he wants, but we the people do not have to take the advice from Warmongers Incorporated as to who should be our next President.