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Kerry's Hiroshima Wreath-Laying Decried as 'Nuclear Hypocrisy'


Kerry's Hiroshima Wreath-Laying Decried as 'Nuclear Hypocrisy'

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry made headlines on Monday for being the highest ranking U.S. official to visit the Hiroshima Peace Park in Japan, after which he and other world leaders issued a call for a "world without nuclear weapons."

But the historic visit comes amid a massive nuclear weapons build-up within the United States, and non-proliferation advocates are calling out Kerry's "nuclear hypocrisy."


He must have washed his hand after removing it from puppet Shinzo Abe's ass.


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Then why is President O'Bomber spending a Trillion dollars on nuclear upgrades. "Fucking Hypocrites"


It this anything new? The United States is the epitome of hypocrisy....and for Obama to promise to reduce nuclear weapons and then do the exact opposite., again what is new? He has been a liar, hypocrite and traitor from day one...


If you started calling out Obama on all his hypocrisy...the list is so long it would take you at least
a few weeks to get through everything. Not only is he a hypocrite, but he is a coward., namely
abandoning his pastor, Jeremiah Wright, in Chicago when it became political dynamite to be
associated with him. Obama doesn't have any strength in his convictions, except now, to have a
"positive legacy"....well too late for me, Obama, for what it's worth.


Thanks for citing Bruce Gagnon and the Global Network. They've done stalwart grassroots solidarity work with frontline peace communities for decades now, while analyzing and publicizing the concrete steps taken on the road toward the US military strategy of "Full Spectrum Dominance," and working to build a movement for economic conversion from a war economy to a peace economy.


Nuclear weapons are not just a crime against humanity, they are a crime against all living things.

The US has always refused to sign a "no-strike first" agreement for nukes, and this has always prevented serious talks about nuclear weapons proliferation.


Humans will prove a nonviable species all too soon.


"citing the "deteriorating security environment" in Syria, Ukraine, and North Korea as catalysts"

Syria--what security?

Ukraine-- if the USA wants security in the Ukraine it should stop meddling in the Ukraine and other former eastern bloc countries.

North Korea--leave them alone and they will leave you alone.


Obama threw out his pastor for about 20 years after he became a political liability.

" In February of 2007 I said there will come a time when Obama will have to distance himself from me."
The Reverend Wright.


I wonder when a high ranking Japanese delegation will be flown to Honolulu to lay a wreath by the USS Arizona?


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


One should look a little more closely at Japanese history from 1894 onwards. Staring with a war with China in 1894, the Japanese invaded Formosa, the Sahkhalin Islands, Korea, Manchuria and then as much of China that they could grab. Their long-term intention was to build a far-eastern empire which would include ultimately the Philippines, Indonesia, French Indochina, Thailand, Malaya, Papua New Guinea, the Pacific Islands and Burma for the resources and strategic bases that these countries offered. This was not a flash-in-the-pan following Pearl Harbour; it was a long-term imperial strategy. During the course of the Japanese reign 19 million Chinese were murdered, 2 million Vietnamese were starved to death when the Japanese seized a year's entire rice crop and a large number of others eleswhere were killed. During this time as many as 250 000 "comfort women " or more from the conquered regions were forced into prostitution, as were a considerable number of Japanese women brought from Japan to the conquered territories for the pleasure and profit of the Japanese occupation forces. The Japanese occupation forces in Manchuria, Korea and China were also deliberately pumping narcotics into these conquered areas as deliberate policy to create revenue for Japan. The occupation forces also practised large-scale terrorism and kidnapping of Russian refugees in Harbin and other places as well as wealthy Chinese and Koreans so as to hold them to ransom for large sums of money that were paid to the Japanese occupation forces.

This is all documented, although the Japanese refuse to accept these facts in their education system.

Seen in this light the USA's embargo of Japan was fully justified and was no provocation.

As for dropping the two atom bombs on Japan. All bombing of civilians is a war crime, although one could argue, as did "Bomber" Harris, that killing workers in factories producing war materials is fully justitifed.

It would appear that the reason for dropping the two atomic bombs on Japan was more to dissuade the USSR, which had declared war against Japan around 10 days previously and was recovering the Sakhalin Islands, than it was a military necessity to force the surrender of a nation that by 1945 was completely wrecked as a military entity and within which the civilian infrastructure had been seriously damaged.


Or in Taiwan, PR China, Korea, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Burma, India, Papua New Guinea and assorted Pacific islands formerly part of the 1894-1945 Japnese empire (sorry; "Asian Co-prosperity Sphere")? And for that matter Australia, New Zealand and the UK.