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Key Area of Dispute on Drone Numbers: Number of Strikes


Key Area of Dispute on Drone Numbers: Number of Strikes

Marcy Wheeler

Dianne Feinstein is out with a statement applauding that I Con the Record has released drone kill numbers that — she suggests — proves the spooks know something we don’t and that the number of civilian casualties hasn’t been that high.


Everyone knows that Americans are bad at math...
These "leaders" are reporting numbers using logarithms.


I remember when "leaders" in the Bush Administration argued that they did not do "Body Counts." The lack of evidence of a thing (like mass murder) thereby in their twisted view counts as no proof of anything occurring.

I think that's the mentality on view still.

After all, while official estimates of those killed in the Iraqi war and related offense against Afghanistan, is what, in the ballpark of 20,000? The Lancet long ago put the figure over 100,000 and now it's estimated closer to a million... nor do those numbers count the lives uprooted and left in poverty, misery, grief, and desperation. Indeed, these numbers don't count the wounded including the infants whose bodies suffer genetic damage from Depleted Uranium and other "bitter fruits" of unchecked militarism.

Short Answer: It's all a fraud and designed to BE a fraud.

Since so-called Intelligence Agencies FIXED the case FOR war, on what basis are they owed trust in ANYTHING that they say now?

The cowards think they own licenses to kill and that they need not account for their crimes. Their fake numbers remind me of the same cowardice that had troops carve the bullets out of bodies they extra-judicially killed! They don't want to leave incriminating evidence behind.


After Nice tonight, why not try waging peace instead of escalating?

Because peace is not as lucrative as war.