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Key Player in Iraq War Credits Brexit for Distracting From Chilcot Inquiry


Key Player in Iraq War Credits Brexit for Distracting From Chilcot Inquiry

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Former British foreign secretary Jack Straw, a key player in the invasion of Iraq, expressed relief in July that the political brouhaha over Brexit would distract from the damning contents of the Chilcot Inquiry into the United Kingdom's role in the war.


Do you suppose that our government will be as candid about the Iraq war as the English are being?
"Straw says, "British politics is in the most extraordinary phase I've ever known."
That's because the old order is collapsing at an increasing pace. There and here.


Notice Rice's name pops up in the e-mail to Powell. Now search for the April, 2004 Sep.11 commissions testimony of Rice under oath. Rice is treated today like she just cured cancer, celebrated by the MSM. Rice by rights should be in a prison cell. Rice was the brains of the Bush/Cheney regimes evil! Their running scared Straw, Blair, and all the rest of this evil cabal. Hopefully justice will be served, soon! I know the topic of this article; however, the whole evil begins earlier then the Iraq War, I believe.


Yes, grateful for distraction when trying to conceal blood on hands.


Well said. Wonder which (if any) tribunal would take this on, e.g., do we hear anything about any cases before the tribunal that supposedly convenes in The Hague? I for one never do.


So, all this is confirmed and the war criminals still walk free? All Straw can muster is that the revelations will be uncomfortable? High time people get angry--really angry and demand their arrest and imprisonment: citizen arrests and massive non cooperation.


And Brexit hasn't caused the sky to fall the way they said it would.


Massive non-cooperation looks to me like the ONLY recourse we have.