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Key US Ally Indicted for Organ Trade Murder Scheme

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/06/key-us-ally-indicted-organ-trade-murder-scheme


Bloody Bill Clinton and Madeline Albright should be receiving their indictments soon from the ICC.

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An article that makes excuses for Milosevich??? It may fly here in the US, but go tell that to the millions in the Balkans and Europe. And an article that uses a corrupt gangster politician (innocent till proven guilty), while magically leaves out the plague of the Kosovar people and decades long oppression and atrocities committed on them by the Serbs (and the big powers who arbitrarily decided to house them under the boundaries of Yugoslavia)?

Always good to hear the truth, no matter how much it hurts.
And maybe the CIA will cut out the heart of Julian Assange
who has done such damage to their self-righteousness.
Thanks for the enlightenment

Israel is very big on human spare parts as well, openly until they were condemned for the practice. It was quasi legal because they paid for them. China as well. Buyers…Canadian and other North Americans.

I think the see-eye-aye would be of much better use repeating the JFK assassination on the current squatter in the Orangubrat Enclosure! From my perspective, they would be hailed as heroes for dealing with that POS!


Did you by any chance live in Europe in the 90’s? If not, did you read, listen and watch on TV every day about the massacres the Serbian army did? No, if they wouldn’t have been stopped, Yugoslavians would be still killing each other. It is a different culture then the rest of Europe, faster to become violent, many gangs and some old problems - religion and communism, Croatia was remembered by the rest of Europe as pro Hitler in WW2…and they had many inter ethnic wars, after Tito’s death - it wasn’t the same anymore…


So Davies is an author of books. What else is included in his life work? What makes him an expert in investigative journalism? How does just an author get all the connections to be able to provide this information? I have never asked those questions of Naomi Klein and Shock Doctrine: Disaster Capitalism and believe it all to be true.

Just thinking???

This article is far from being an investigative journalism. It does not even come close. It leaves out major political and historical facts and contexts that do not fit this writer’s agenda. It leaves out the plight of the oppressed people in the area. It distorts facts, as is the case in it’s description of the reasons why did Yougoslavia disintegrate. It seems as if this article is funded by the sympathizers of Milosevich,as a simple piece of propaganda. Read on the reactions to Peter Handke’s Nobel Price on this topic.

Deeply disappointed in Common Dreams. And I call on Common Dreams to disavow this hideous piece of propaganda, that is openly trying to re-write history and to denigrate a people’s dreams for independence i.e. the Kosovar people.

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Never going to happen, they (Trump and the CIA) work for the same masters.

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I know, but can’t an old crone have her fantasy??

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Sorry for popping your fantasy bubble. :)))


Everything is a lie.

“free market” oriented groups are pushing hard to have Congress allow even more kinds of sales of peoples body parts here in the US. Very rich people want to be able to have themselves cloned and use that body as a source of young, biocompatible body parts that dont require they take anti rejection drugs.