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Keystone XL Developer "Infiltrates Our Democracy" With Major Campaign Contributions in Nebraska

Keystone XL Developer "Infiltrates Our Democracy" With Major Campaign Contributions in Nebraska

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

TransCanada, the company behind the Keystone XL pipeline, "is showering Nebraska public officials with campaign cash as it fights for regulatory approval in a state that is one of the last lines of resistance" against the project, an Associated Press review of public records revealed Tuesday.

Thought it was illegal for foreign people amd entities to contribute money to political campaigns.

Only if they are Russians…

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Here is a blatant example of special interest money buying legislation. It is particularly egregious because tar-sands petroleum is dirtier than coal. If Nebraska politicians are bought off in this matter it is our planet’s ecosystem that will suffer. Because global warming is going exponential it will shorten the period we have until geo-engineering becomes a necessary attempt at saving our planet’s ability to support humankind. Why do we allow state and federal politicians to be controlled by the greed of a small minority?

Our country’s governance is dysfunctional. The reason for the dysfunction and the cure are staring us directly in the face. The problem is too much money in politics and the cure is to change Congress. Only we voters can affect the needed change and that is by getting rid of any congressmen or candidate that takes special interest money.

The most important question this midterm has got to be “do you take special interest money?”. If we could make this a single issue election on the subject of election reform we could regain control of what is supposed to be our Republic. Without true election reform our future will be nothing but politics as usual.

The fundamental problems we have as a community are not being addressed. We have a Congress that simply does not have our best interests at heart in their legislative actions. Our governing system is one of legislation for sale. Only 6 of the 535 members of Congress do not take special interest money. We have had at least four decades of congressional candidates seeking special interest money, for TV ads, and sellings their souls to get it. The end result is 529 legislators doing the bidding of the 1% and the corporate and financial industries, while ignoring the needs and wants of the American People.

In most western democracies the taking of special interest money (also called bribery) by those in or seeking office lands them in jail. Here our Congress, backed by a politicized Supreme Court, has not only made the practise legal but has opened control of our electoral system to essentially unlimited amounts of money. This allows those who exercise their political influence thru our elected officials to control governmental processes in perpetuity. Money buys votes!

As sick,frustrating and pervasive as the present rigged system is; it has an Achilles heel. That is our elected representatives must stand for reelection every 2 or 6 years. If we would judge them on whether or not they take special interest money and favor a complete rewrite of election law we would have a Congress with a completely different set of values. This should be the overriding criterion for our votes in this year’s midterm election. It is a simple straight forward question: “do you take special interest money”?

Reelection rates for Congressional incumbents is historically in the 90+% range despite their approval ratings being below 60% and currently around 17%. We voters need to somehow get past this disconnect. Any Congressman or candidate that takes special interest money is simply not worthy of our votes. We need to act accordingly. We need a movement to: CHANGE CONGRESS.

Yeah but, our illustrious governor is just one more elected whore; he isn’t worried about what this goddamned pipeline will do to our aquifer as long as it puts more money in his pocket.