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Keystone XL Foes Vow to 'Put Their Bodies on the Line' to Protect the Planet


Keystone XL Foes Vow to 'Put Their Bodies on the Line' to Protect the Planet

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As Nebraska's Keystone XL pipeline hearings came to a close on Thursday, Indigenous tribes and environmentalists vowed to continue "putting [their] bodies on the line" to stop a project they have


Last day for public comments. Don’t delay.


An often repeated lie: Transitioning to renewable and clean energy will create jobs and if you are worried about national security then stop antagonizing people in countries who have the resources you covet. Invest in your people by providing publicly funded education, health care, housing and transportation. Also, a guaranteed income and limits on top salaries.


I hope this goes on and on and never dies. If you do any reading, you will probably find out that the first place, the nexus of the environmental crash world wide is the issue of potable water. I don’t think it’s a karmic accident that Keystone and Standing Rock have come to light. Water is the flashpoint, even in humid places like Flint. Having grown up in Southern California, it was easier maybe to see that Americans in particular were/are headed for a national water crisis that the oligarchy wants to dump on Native Peoples, Black Americans (Flint and elsewhere) and Latinos here in the parched Southwest.
Only problem is water is going to be a hell of lot more difficult for them to play their little resource games with. I hope as many poor communities as possible rise up and tell the feds to go to Hell-this is about their kids, and them, and the most basic of stuff. Game time is up.