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Khamenei: US Invented Nuclear Myth; Iran Will Never Invade Another Country


Khamenei: US Invented Nuclear Myth; Iran Will Never Invade Another Country

Juan Cole

The clerical leader of Iran, Ali Khamenei, gave a speech on Sunday in which he urged that Iran maintain its military readiness in order to fend off any hostile invasion or attack. But, he said, “Iran has never invaded a country and never will.” He also called US charges that Iran is seeking a nuclear weapon a “myth” and “propaganda.”


The propagandizing carried out by Israel in the US against Iran really has nothing to do with Iran’s weaponry, nuclear or otherwise.

Iran is the economic powerhouse of the Middle East, rivaling Saudi Arabia in oil production and surpassing Israel in terms of both industrial and agricultural output. Israel wants to eliminate all competition for its unsustainable businesses. After all, the Israeli economy cannot support the lifestyles that its citizens want.

Cole compares the Iranian military budget to that of the US. Why didn’t he compare it to that of Israel?



"Building such weapons and their maintenance are costly. By no means we deem it right to impose these costs on the people. We do not need those weapons. Unlike the Americans who want to rule the world with force, we do not claim to control the world and therefore do not need a nuclear bomb.”

“…impose these costs on the people” - of course.
Iran is just another example of the long-standing US policy of demonizing any country that does not embrace capitalism.

The US, with its threats of warfare, has always tried to force populist governments to spend their treasure on non-nuclear armaments instead of on social programs, in order to make the target government unpopular with its own people. This was probably a major factor in the fall of the Soviet Union.

Most countries dislike basing their economies on the production of war machines and casinos, as the US does.
World peace is more to their liking.


Iran is not the innocent lamb its leader describes, but it’s a rank amateur in terrorism compared to the U.S., Israel and some European nations. It’s especially amusing when the hack politicians in Congress pound their chests and criticize Iran as being a “sponsor of international terrorism” – this from a country that has murdered literally millions of people and injured and rendered homeless countless others in several unnecessary wars since 1960. The fact that such statements are not answered by lightning bolts from the heavens proves that religion is baseless. But the ridiculous Iran-as-bogeyman theme is just another symptom of American political dysfunction, and the news media share much of the blame. Americans simply can’t get accurate, balanced news reports from the major TV and radio networks anymore. Major breaking news events and important global trends often go unreported, especially if reporting them would run counter to the “establishment narrative” that the corporate media are obliged to adhere to. Can you imagine the uproar that would ensue if a major TV network actually presented a fair assessment of Iran’s or Russia’s or China’s place in the world? This situation makes America – a faux democracy that’s actually run by its financial-military-industrial complex – the most dangerous and destructive nation on Earth. But nothing lasts forever, and world trends point to some very painful changes ahead.


Back in 2003 a reformist Iranian newspaper published a lengthy article of mine which attempted to outline the real costs of possessing nuclear weapons - including very monetary and environmental costs, the need for an industrial strength security apparatus, as well as very heavy psychological costs (having nukes make one insane).

I know that the people of Iran do not need any lectures from me, but I thought it was interesting that they had (than at least) the sort of open discussion about nuclear weapons that almost never happens in the US.


Or in Israel.



I would have given you a “like” had you not shown a 12th century understanding of how Source operates. Congratulations for not touting the “blame voters” pabulum and giving a mass media that traffics in deception due credit for its malfeasance.


Well, at least someone has given up on the idea that President what’s-his-name is the head of Iran, the Supreme Leader Ayotollah Khamenei is the head. I’m not sure I would trust the word of a fundamentalist religious leader that is in charge of a country.


But why you won’t trust? What is it that makes you not trust a distinguished individual who has record of statements that are commonly known and been verified.


The Amerikan Empire has been living on myths for a long time because for the Empire to achieve its nefarious ends it always needs a villain, like Khamenei, Khadaffi, Saddam Hussein, ad nauseum. Any government that is a perceived threat to the Amerikan Empire is demonized as a villain and it has absolutely nothing to do whether that government is good or bad and everything to do with an agenda that is an anathema to the Amerikan Empires agenda. One wonders how long before this brainwashing of the American public and the plethora of propaganda and fairy tales of the .01% will come to an end.


ok now I think I see


Yes, the US and Israel are far from blameless. And Khamenei, Cole, and several commentators here are far from honest. I seem to recall various Iranian leaders either denying Hitler’s misdeeds, celebrating them, or vowing to revisit them anew - openly calling for the annihilation of all Jews on earth - not all Israelis - all Jews. No, I do not believe that the Third Reich in any way justifies Israeli crimes against Palestinians but wouldn’t Mr. Khamenei’s moral outrage be just a tad more believable if his nation had not repeatedly and over many years and in many forums not advocated the Genocide of an entire people?! Netanyahu may be an arrogant fool but Iran has warned the entire world about their goal to exterminate the Jews. Just say’n . . .


Well, um…because he is a religious fanatic in total control of a major country for one thing. He has also made many disturbing statements for another.