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Khanna, Ocasio-Cortez Among Progressive Democrats to Condemn US-Backed Regime Change in Venezuela

Khanna, Ocasio-Cortez Among Progressive Democrats to Condemn US-Backed Regime Change in Venezuela

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Over a dozen progressive House Democrats on Thursday condemned the Trump administration's "unacceptable" push for regime change in Venezuela.

The comments came in a letter addressed to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and signed by Reps. Ro Khanna (Calif.), Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (N.Y.), Ilhan Omar (Minn.), and 13 other House Democrats.


Is Guaido another one of Jared’s buddies? Like MBS?


Exactly, isn’t that the plan!


They need to condemn the “going along with it” Democratic leadership as well. The Democrats need to stand up to this warmongering crap if they expect to win the next presidential election.


"These interventions were a mistake and how do we rectify it?’ "

Mistake??? It’s armed robbery of oil and resources by a white oligarchy.


Problem is that white, anglo-saxons of the ilk of Pence have had an historic animosity toward catholic Latin America.


What is wrong with this article? Why does it bury the lede? Why does it misinform by not informing so one has to read and read the actual letter to find the most IMPORTANT part of this story?

Because the establishment has given orders to ignore Tulsi Gabbard?

Tulsi Gabbard is running for President. She is the only one to unabashedly speak out against regime change, including this one, without first supporting the CIA narrative.

Tulsi Gabbard is the guiding light on opposition to Trump and the Fossil Fuel/MIC establishment’s coup. These others in the House clearly were inspired by her first taking this on and speaking out clearly.


I’m disgusted.

This is not a piece to inspire us to oppose regime change. It’s a convoluted piece of propaganda to dismiss the only voice running for President who is opposing regime change full bore.

CD readers, don’t be duped. Khanna and AOC and Omar are following Gabbard. GABBARD. Got it?



Greg Palast has something to add to this discussion…

The Koch Bros are at the center of this


and Palast explains this is about White Supremacy in Venuzuela.

We mustn’t forget that Latin America was settled by white Portuguese and Spaniards who ruled over the indigenous population as a privileged elite. Some of the settlers were poor folk and they intermarried with the native population and later with the Africans imported to be slaves. That means that most of Latin America has a black, brown, and indigenous population ruled over by an elite white European ruling class.

These folk in Venezuela don’t even call themselves Venezuelans; they call themselves Spanish!

The Bolivarian Revolution wasn’t just about Socialism and helping the poor: it was about the non-white masses taking power over their own government.

The opposition is lilly white.

This doesn’t get reported in the US, even though the supposed Resistance is apoplectic about Trump’s racism in their usage of shallow Identity Politcs (as opposed to Racial Agenda Politics) yet they support Trump’s support of a racist coup in Latin America.

I now have read the letter in depth.

Again, we have the CIA and MIC and Fossil Fuel Oligarchs narrative so entrenched in D.C. that even this letter has to first support the lies about unfair elections that actually were very fair, about Maduro being a dictator (what kind of dictator lets leaders of treasonous coups have rallies in the street?), blaming the violence on the Chavistas when anyone with any integrity in the nation would report the truth that it’s the opposition that is violent, and that Marduro is not letting humanitarian aid in the nation.

We are in deep crap, folks, when those who oppose the American Empire’s wars must first promote the propaganda that is all lies, which are used to manufacture consent.


This is full on plutocracy is it not??

The united states of america can’t even pretend to be a representative democracy of the people for the people and by the people.

Of the rich for the rich and by the rich

if not for a handful of progressives no one in the halls of power would say anything


So far the Koch backed Trump Administration has been able to do whatever they want. Why should this be any different? Besides, who’s gonna stop them?


Mistake??? Just like Iraq was no mistake, it was a war crime. Just like Vietnam. Not a confusion, it was a war crime.
Mistake is when you add 665+1 and get 664 or 667.
Furthermore, Vz has had no time to address it’s problems, so who the hell can assume someone else should be getting involved that has not been asked to?
It’s another false premise.


Oil, guns and drugs…oil, guns and drugs…repeat & rinse.


Why does my country feel hell bound to step on everybody’s toes? Somebody’s foot needs to be placed up the Trump Administrations ass.


Life Goes On, “Oh blah dee, oh blah da.”

Venezuela’s problem, as for so many other countries that are attempting to control their own destinies, is the United States.


Get a grip. Her signature is quite visible on the letter. This is not about your hero worship of Gabbard. but the fact that a few decent human beings in Congress are speaking up. And newsflash she is as flawed as anyone considering her past. No one gets a halo or a free pass.


"While condemning the Maduro government for violence against protestors and “disregard of the rule of law,”

That is a mistake progressives make - is that even true? Dictators don’t allow protests - In the US militarized police would end a protest of that size as would all friendly (to the US) dictators. That is caving to pressure of lies.

Prove the allegations - and if they say the security agencies assure us - the answer to that is - what - chronic liars - WMD’s, Bay of Tonkin, we don’t spy on the public, transferring White Helmut gassing of locals onto Assad… if they stand on a secret report by the spooks - the answer should be - those people are liars. Critics who quote bring proven liars forward as evidence… should be dismissed as unintelligent and unworthy of a response…


True, no halo and no free pass, but I think the point was that the media is attempting to totally ignore and dismiss Tulsi Gabbard. She isn’t even listed as a candidate by the cable networks. WTF?


I agree that Tulsi Gabbard’s support of this letter is significant, but more importantly, I’m proud of the signatories’ recognition that the inhumane and unjust sanctions imposed on Venezuela by the US Government have been a cruel way for achieving regime change on a democratically elected leader.