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Khanna, Ocasio-Cortez Among Progressive Democrats to Condemn US-Backed Regime Change in Venezuela

We need to nip this in the bud before Trump grows a square black mustache.

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This country is toast, and it should be. It deserves to fail, and the failure has begun. We have hundreds of thousands sleeping in the streets while be spend countless billions killing innocent people. Ever heard of “karma” aka “what goes around comes around”.


Oil, guns, drugs, religion.


I have a grip.

Which isn’t visible in the article, is it? You have to click on the letter and scroll down.

Are you aware that not everyone who reads something like this is going to do that? Are you aware that not everyone who reads an article even reads to the end? Are you aware that a lot of folk only read the headline?

That’s what “burying the lede” means. It doesn’t mean the most important part of the story isn’t mentioned; it means it’s buried deep in the story where it can be missed.

This fact was buried deep in the story where it can be missed.

So having a preferred candidate and promoting him or her, pointing out when that candidate is smeared or ignored, is now ‘hero worship?’ I don’t think so.

Yet the fact that the only one of those ‘few decent human beings in Congress’ that is running for president gets left out of the story does’t bother you? Yes, her name is at the bottom of the letter. But the reporting never mentions her. Why list some but ignore her, when she is the only one running for president?

That concern has nothing to do with hero worship.

You brought it up. Let’s discuss her past. What is it about her past that you consider makes her flawed in the present and keeps her from having a free pass or a halo? And do you think that makes it legit to ignore that a presidential candidate signed the letter?


True, but I would prefer to spell it OILGARCHY.


While condemning the Maduro government for violence against protestors and “disregard of the rule of law,”

The only Law the Venezuelans broke was trying to maintain control of THEIR oil.


Worse than that.

  1. they are socialist -
  2. they stopped using US currency - that is a huge crime (Iraq, Libya)
  3. OIL

That is something that we never hear in our main stream, fascist, Amerikan, media. If the U.S. loses it’s petro-dollar it could lose trillions of $$$$$$$$$$$$$!


Just wrote my rep, Smith in WA, asking why on Earth he did not sign this letter. One district over is Jayapal, i selfishly wish she were my rep.


Or oilygarchy

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The Flaw that people feel that Tulis had is not endorsing the Queen and than went on to being a Bernie Bro. That really burns some people.


If the U.S. raids Vz. for it’s oil, it would be a socialist move. Claiming the oil for the one most in need. America.

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Your country is run by "War Pigs."

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Once again, this district’s member of Congress, who nominally pretends to be a democrat, blatantly ignored another opportunity to so much as lend his name to a clearly democratic, decent, dignified effort to properly manage the disaster the US has wrought elsewhere. This one happens to be Venezeula. Panetta apparently doesn’t care where the US wreaks havoc, as long as he gets his PAC funds.

Maybe, though, he is actually encouraging more of us in this district to see what democratic efforts we can muster over the next few months.

I am proud of those 16 Democrats who had the courage to sign that letter.

Yet, it is a sad statement - that there were only those 16 - on just how anti-democratic the US D Party remains.


How dare that >deleted< Maduro keep us from our oil and use the money we should be making off it to help the poor?

Why, he oughta be hunted down in the street and anally raped to death with a bayonet so Hillary Goddamn Clinton can go on TV and laugh about it.


Someday soon I hope the American Military is taught a lesson how to stay the fuck out of other country’s affairs.

It’d be great if China or Russia sent a few Aircraft Carriers offshore of Venezuela.

That would sure put an end to those best laid plans.


Looking at the Pence photo - there’s a face you can’t trust.

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Are our soldiers ready to die for nothing this time?


Until Hugo Chávez was elected President of Venezuela, the office was always held by minority white Spanish invaders…henceforth called ‘The Opposition’ because they will never have the votes in the ultra open election system.

Missing in the debate is how alternate news sites such as CD are preventing the murder of Maduro.
It was easy for the US Blood Letters to murder Allende of Chile and install a puppet dictator (Pinochet) with little notice. CIA Operative Casey said of his era: ‘We will not have done our job until the only thing you believe is what we tell you’. Incidentally, Pinochet died a convicted criminal for carrying out the chores of his masters.