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Khanna to Pelosi: Don't Just Create Green New Deal Select Committee, Make Ocasio-Cortez Its Chair


Khanna to Pelosi: Don't Just Create Green New Deal Select Committee, Make Ocasio-Cortez Its Chair

Jon Queally, staff writer

As the debate within the new House Democratic caucus continues to grow over the demand to create a New Green Deal select committee, Rep. Ro Khanna (D-Calif.) came out on Saturday to say that not only should Nancy Pelosi create such a committee, she should appoint newly-elected New York freshman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to be its chairperson.


Geez, Why didn’t I think of that. It’ a progressive move, one that this forum should applaud. It falls into the coalition category of things that can be moved forward.



This is the bottom line story of the d-party: talk a good game about liberal policy to get elected, then dither and backtrack to keep corporate overlords happy.

Their biggest accomplishments over the last three decades have all been straight from the Republican dream factory. Thank you, LOTE voters, for welfare reform, filling the prisons, bailing out Wall St, free trade, endless war, pay go, and Romneycare.


So, what is wrong with this statement? He is assuming Pelosi will be the Speaker of the House. She and all the other fossils need to go. Otherwise, not a bad idea to give the chair to Cortez with the caveat that this committee is to take immediate and comprehensive action.


I agree, well said!


And why the 10 year planning period is way too long for an immediate emergency.


Within months of Pearl Harbor , The United States of America transormed its manufacturing base so as to produce armanents. Within months of the declaration of war the economy transformed to a war economy.

We face Climate Catastrophe on an unprecedented scale and need to “study” the thing again with Committees in Countries across the board working at this piecemeal even as they continue to invest record monies towars Military spending. More “study” is the last thing we need.

It seems to me that all this about is deciding which of the endgame scenarios preferrred. A war to destroy everything or Mother nature to do it for us and in either scenario all of these Politicians working furiously to help it along.

I recall someone posting a link to a theory that there was an alien presence on this Earth , hidden away and working with the 1 percent to destroy the Planet so they could come out of hiding to make it their home. Off the wall stuff but no crazier then what goes on today.


A.k.a. “fake left, move right.”


“The world is edging toward climate catastrophe” just like the Camp fire “edged” into Paradise.


I would applause a progressive move if there was one - this is posturing, and Cortez won’t chair the committee not while Pelosi has anything to say about it


Nothing is going to happen at the federal level on climate change. This is about politics and the direction of the Democratic party. If people actually want to do something about climate change they need to work at the state or local level. We can’t wait for this committee which will just wind up bickering between the Democrats and Republicans and we can’t wait for something labeled a Green New Deal. We need states and local governments to make stronger commitments on renewable energy and do more on transportation which is the largest source of emissions in the US. The country is focused too much on Washington. That is not where the real action can occur on climate change.


" centrist establishment figures in the party—as well as those [who have taken the most from the fossil fuel industry over the years.

So you are saying there is a difference in centrist democrats and corporate dems fossil fuel takers? I would think they were on in the same.


Tom this is the system we have. We did not blow that up, we did not do enough to get rid of Pelosi or a dent in the Senate. I want change and I want it now but it doesn’t work that way sorry to say.


“not a bad idea to give the chair to Cortez with the caveat that this committee is to take immediate and comprehensive action.”

And what action is that specifically?


The problem isn’t whether we know what to do. We do know what to do:

  • Ban fossil fuel as quickly as possible.
  • Invest at WWII levels in solar, tidal, geothermal, and wind energy.
  • Make it a global crime to injure the Congo, the Indonesian, and the Amazon rain forests and the Russian, Scandinavian, Canadian, and Alaskan boreal forests, and prosecute anyone who does.
  • Plant bushes on top of every flat building that is solar paneled
  • Switch as much paper and plastic to hemp as possible
  • Plant trees and plant trees and plant trees and plant trees and plant trees

No, the problem is we don’t have the will.

Screw a green committee. Write a bill now before the next Congress is sworn in and bring it to a vote the first day.

But instead O-C is out there doing publicity for how great Pelosi is with fake protests that end up being nothing but praise fests for Ms. Off-The-Table.


Veteran Democrats have 2 options:

  1. Retire, step aside and allow a new generation of leaders to take us in a bold new direction of
    sustainable energy, equality, and Peace, or

  2. Stay in power, gum up the works with the continued promotion of fossil fuels, incremental change, and status quo politicians that doom humanity.


I like the idea of getting fresh blood to drink from time to time too. Especially since most of the old guard seem to be attorneys of a sort or ex business owners. I like to see the people coming fresh from state houses that no procedure but are not pre programed. They can get lawyer advice when they get in office.


“Because good planets are hard to find”,
‘centrist’ politics destroying this one
decades of documented horror
‘socially responsible,’ while water, air, earth toxified
votes don’t matter, the media smiles reassuringly
we eat plastic in our food another war starts
washing the dishes
the tap spews flames

staring at lit screen where liars talk
blank - another power outage
the fires rage as migrants roam
‘many thanks to our esteemed guest today’
soldiers fire at illegals
cuts to food stamps imperil millions
‘so good to be here’

time for progressive politics to arise
make accountable transparent social democracy
based on public knowledge
always public knowledge
no other knowledge
making things better with social intelligence
for all equally and justly

benching centrists many
couldn’t do the job advertised
deceived society and ill’d communities
where will they be
when we democratically govern economics?

Then . . . . . . . no money required
just democratic social responsibility
minimizing suffering and want
living wisely and compassionately
could be politics
the money lord banished
democratic right to well being enthroned
towering over economics

good planets really are hard to find
a healthy planet is cultivated by mind
change the culture
change the tune


Ms. Ocasio-Cortez is a young, attractive, and charismatic woman–but what does she know about chairing a committee, holding hearings, or steering legislation through congress? Her previous experience was as a middle school teacher, no? Maybe she should take some time to learn how the House of Representatives works before taking on such major responsibilities.